I first saw John Leguizamo on the cultural phenomenon hit TV show, Miami Vice in 1986. He has been in 115 films and television shows since then.

He is an Emmy-winner and writer/producer, FuglyHe plays Jesse Sanchez who is the “fugly” ghetto nerd from the Bronx in the 1970’s, growing up in the shadow of his older, better-looking brother. Jesse heads off to college where he takes advantage of the incredible ratio of 6 girls to every guy.  It is there that this boy undergoes a transformation. It’s where he meets Lara (Radha MitchellFinding Neverland) and learns to take command of the stage. As a college grad back in New York, during a spur of the moment local comedy night performance infused with his own style of in your face bits on sex, Jesse is discovered by agent Stoddard (Ally Sheedy, The Breakfast Club) who says she has found the next Latino sensation. Moments later he meets Zowie (Rosie Perez), a sexy Nuyorican poetess and passionate lover in search of a man who will take her to the top of the industry. Later, with a rising film and television career, Jesse has newfound fame, money, and a strong social media following. He experiences a life-changing moment that allows him to reflect upon his career and the true love of his life. Back on stage, Jesse finds himself in competition with his ex’s new beau Jeffery (Oscar-nominated Griffin DunneDallas Buyers Club). Then, director Alfredo de Villa’s hilarious anti-romantic comedy takes a shocking turn.

Fugly opens today, FridayNovember 7 in New York at AMC Empire 25; additional cities to follow.Movies On Demand plus VOD Release Tuesday, November 25.

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