Hidden Worlds Entertainment Inc., which creates attractions with a purpose, is launching the Hidden Worlds Miami Immersive Experience on May 21, 2022, Rudolf Budja Gallery. It is a one-month immersive experience taking guests on an oceanic adventure. The company’s goal is to help guests make an emotional connection to nature. World-renowned ocean explorer Philippe Cousteau is among the leaders behind the Impactainment Company.

“Miami is unlike any other city combining beautiful nature with world-class entertainment, but it is also at risk. From the loss of biodiversity to plastic pollution, the magic city faces serious environmental challenges,” said Daniel Hettwer, Hidden Worlds Entertainment CEO. “Luckily, Miami is also evolving to be a world-leading hub in tech, art, and conservation, connecting the human capital we need to solve our ecological crises. That is why Hidden Worlds is not only launching our first impactainment experience in Miami; we’re making Miami our permanent home—developing impactainment from Miami for the world.”

What is very intriguing is that this immersive experience also includes an interactive dining experience featuring an ocean-positive menu where each course corresponds to an ever-changing projection environment.  Hidden Worlds partnered with chefs Scott Linquist of Como Como Miami and COYO and the Gallery Restaurant at the Rudolf Budja gallery to create a multi-course ocean-positive menu. Each dish will be served during an extended version of the day programming. Hidden Worlds has also tapped mixologist Gio Gutierrez of Chatchowtv to create original cocktails. Only 32 tickets will be available each evening. 

“We have an incredible team, and we have done the research; this dining experience has been meticulously designed to be unlike any other,” said Hettwer. “We are confident tickets will sell out fast and highly recommend signing up for the waitlist.”

Hidden Worlds Miami is an official United Nations Decade of Ocean Science activity and will offer all-day programming. During the day, guests of all ages can experience a 30-minute immersive journey through the deepest oceans and the most majestic mangroves. 

Following dinner on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, Hidden Worlds will invite guests to stay for the lounge experience, where the underwater wonderland will be synched to music by some of Miami’s top DJs.  The immersive experience also features art created by Miami-based artists such as  Morel Doucet and Frank Niebla for the art lover. 

“Hidden Worlds is a groundbreaking experience that entertains, educates, and inspires people of all ages, bringing us closer to our precious ocean. Come and experience the awe of our Ocean Planet in a whole new way. It’s time we all come together to explore and save our life-sustaining ocean,” said Philippe Cousteau, world-famous explorer and Hidden Worlds team member.

Tickets for the experience start at $26 for children and $36 for adults. You can sign up on their website to get a notification when tickets go on sale.  https://www.ourhiddenworlds.com/