Meet Miami’s True NFT and Crypto Guru

We have come to another conclusion of the tornado-like whirlwind of the largest Bitcoin Conference in the country and Miami seems to have survived in one piece. Bitcoin 2022 saw a myriad of concerts, DJs, parties, and an influx of “Whales” that is akin to a s...


NYC Hair Guru @Limorinc Brings Talent to Miami

Meet the brilliant hair and makeup stylist from NYC: Limor. She’s not just stylist with 25 years experience, she is a makeover guru. Limor is currently Miami and NYC bound, going from house to house glamming c...

Baliawear: Beachwear to Nightwear

Living from coast to coast, born in California and landed in Miami, Alvina has been wanderlusting from beach to beach around the world. She wanted to create a line to take wanderlusters alike straight from...