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[Brooklyn, New York | 7/7/24] —— Emerging artist  Møya Rey has just dropped her highly anticipated new single Tourbillon,” a mesmerizing track that seamlessly blends French, English, and Spanish lyrics into a whirlwind of emotions. This vibrant single is a testament to Møya Rey’s multifaceted talents, showcasing her unique ability to fuse genres with ease. Tourbillon is a dynamic mix of Afrobeats, R&B, and Dancehall, reflecting her diverse musical influences and creative versatility. With its infectious rhythms and evocative lyrics, Tourbillon takes listeners on a captivating journey through love, self-empowerment, and the complexities of toxic relationships, all while celebrating Møya Rey’s rich cultural heritage and innovative sound.

Official Music Video for Tourbillon |

Stream Tourbillon on all DSPs here |

The trilingual track, which dropped on Sunday, 7/7, coincides with a special date: her grandparents’ anniversary. This meaningful release date adds an extra layer of emotion and significance to the song. Tourbillon,” (French for whirlwind) is a powerful exploration of the cyclical nature of toxic relationships. Dropping the track on her grandparents’ anniversary, Møya Rey underscores her belief in unconditional love. This juxtaposition highlights the contrast between tumultuous romantic entanglements and the enduring, unwavering love her grandparents represent, adding layers of meaning to the song’s narrative.

Tourbillon,” stands out not only for its vibrant blend of French, English, and Spanish lyrics but also for its unique collaborative genesis. The song’s first and second verses were co-written by a talented French artist who prefers to remain a ghostwriter, adding an authentic bilingual flair to the track. This secret collaboration brings a fresh, transatlantic dialogue to the music, enriching the song’s narrative and emotional depth. Møya Rey‘s seamless integration of the ghostwriter’s lyrical contributions with her own creates a compelling, whirlwind romance that resonates with listeners across cultures.

Opting for anonymity, the vocalist’s voice is brought to life through the presence of Møya’s close friend, Caël Domond, who stars as the love interest in the music video. A French-Haitian artist himself, Caël’s involvement deepens the song’s transatlantic artistic vision. His role not only represents the elusive, mysterious figure in the song’s narrative but also reinforces the theme of a shared Black artistic lens that transcends geographical boundaries. With Caël’s authentic French-Haitian background, Tourbillon becomes a vibrant celebration of multicultural influences and artistic unity, enriching the track’s exploration of love, toxicity, and self-empowerment.

Møya Rey‘s Tourbillon,” is a testament to her artistic vision, blending elements from two vibrant cities. Recorded in the heart of Paris, France, and brought to life through stunning visuals filmed in both New York and Paris, the song embodies a true transatlantic collaboration. Møya Rey took creative control not only in front of the microphone but also behind the scenes, as she meticulously edited and color-graded the video herself in addition to creating the cover art. This hands-on approach ensures that every frame and note of  Tourbillon,” reflects her unique artistic perspective and dedication to her craft.

Tourbillon,” opens with a poignant bridge, “Send me some flowers” a symbol of honesty and deep affection. This sets the tone for a song that explores themes of love, choice, and vulnerability.

The first verse reveals the depth of the ghost writer’s feelings. Although a fictive plot, both artists collaborated to enhance the meaning of a toxic, cyclical relationship. With lines like “I got more than flowers for you, cause you’re the one I choose,” the song speaks to the profound connection between the artist and her muse, referring to them as her “unique rendez-vous.

**Verse 1**

I got more than flowers for you  

Cause you’re the one I choose  

Cherie, I fuck with you  

T’est mon unique rendez-vous

The chorus blends French, English, and Spanish, reflecting the cross-cultural relationship at the heart of the song. “Tu y yo, it’s like a tourbillon (damn)” captures the dizzying, whirlwind nature of love, or rather toxic situationships perceived as love.


Tu y yo (Spanish – you and I )

it’s like a (English) 

tourbillon (French – Whirlwind) 

In the hook, Møya Rey conveys a sense of longing and desire, highlighting the intoxicating effect her partner has on her. The lyrics “Can’t get enough when you sip from my cup” is a double entendre and testament to the deep, almost addictive connection shared between the two.


Can’t get enough  

When you sip from my cup  

Tell me the truth  

If it’s convenient to you  

Opened my heart  

When speaking to you  

I don’t know about it  

Gotta feeling in my body

The second verse delves deeper into the ghost writer’s feelings, describing The blend of French and English continues, emphasizing the partner’s love for the French language and the impact they have on Møya Rey‘s life.

**Verse 2**

You should know how I feel about this girl,  

She’s my drug, she’s my world  

She loves when I speak French  

Oh honey  

Now my life won’t be the same  

It drives me insane  

How she’s a saint

In the concluding notes of Tourbillon Møya Rey delivers a powerful message about self-empowerment and the strength to walk away from toxic relationships. The lyrics “Cause you know I’m not the one” might initially seem like a moment of resignation, but they actually serve as a bold declaration of self-worth and strength. In the context of the song’s exploration of toxic relationships, this final line is a fierce affirmation that Møya Rey is “not the one to be messed with.” It’s a powerful reminder that recognizing your own value means not settling for anything less than respect and love. This outro transforms what could be seen as a defeat into a statement of self-love and resilience, making it clear that she will no longer tolerate being treated poorly. Tourbillonultimately stands as a testament to the importance of self-affirmation and the strength it takes to reject toxic dynamics and embrace one’s own worth.

Tourbillon is more than just a song; it’s an emotional journey that captures the complexities of love and relationships. With its trilingual lyrics and compelling narrative, it is sure to resonate with a diverse audience. Notably, the first and second verses were co-written by a talented French artist who wishes to remain a ghostwriter, adding an authentic bilingual flair to the piece.

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Performed & Written by –  Møya Rey @moyamusic_

Produced by –  DapperDeluxx @producedbydapperdeluxx

Bass – Franck Boom @boom2music

Mix & Master – Edson Sean @edsonsean

Male Vocalist – Ghost Writer 



Model – Caël Domond @gunnersamadeus

Director of Photography – Deme Brown @demegawd_

Video Assistants  

Isiah Blake @isaiah.iman.blake

Genesis Bazil @flywithgen_

Produced, Styled, Edited and Color Graded by Shirley Reynozo – Down To Be Artsy


**About Møya Rey**

Møya Rey is a New York City-based multidisciplinary artist. As a Dominican-American born and raised in New York, Møya Rey has been shaped and influenced by a multitude of cultures. The transatlantic dialogue that occurs in music is the pulse that gives Møya Rey’s music an unwavering rhythm of expression and liberation. With the upbeat tones and percussions derived from multicultural influences of the Caribbean and West Africa, and the smooth rhythms of the United States, Møya is known for synthesizing multiple genres such as Afro-Tunes, R&B, Jazz, Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Amapiano, Brazilian Funk, Jersey Club, and Litefeet.

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