New York artist Guy Stanley Philoche has drawn the attention of significant corporate investors and collectors, including Google, Barclay Investments, Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, Cohen Brothers Realty, and Voya Investment Management. His distinctive art pieces have graced the halls of exhibitions in Palm Beach, FL; Nantucket, MA; Greenwich, CT; and naturally, NYC. A glance at his website reveals an impressive array of features from esteemed outlets like Fox5NY, TimeOut Magazine, People, CNN, and Good Morning America.

Renowned figures like ballerina Misty Copeland, poet James Baldwin, iconic singer Nina Simone, and screenwriter Lena Waithe have been immortalized in Philoche’s series titled Give Us Our Flowers.”

The sentiment behind the series resonated deeply with Lena Waithe, who remarked upon seeing her painting on Instagram, “Thank you for this beautiful bouquet through your artistry.” Philoche birthed this series from a place of profound grief after the tragic loss of a close friend. Each painting, ranging from 35×35 to 62×70 inches, uses lush hues to depict subjects and features vibrant flowers alongside the recognizable “POST NO BILLS” New York symbol. With each stroke of the brushes, cleverly stored in a 25-cent candy machine in his studio, Philoche paints tales of heartbreak, victory, and the challenges faced by his subjects. His process for choosing these subjects? Purely “emotion.”

Philoche’s vivid affair with colors spans over two decades. A grade school trip ignited this passion for art. Originally from Haiti, he moved to Connecticut at the age of three and later journeyed to New York post-high school to chase his dream. Today, his artistry is represented by galleries in Chicago, Connecticut, and New York. There’s palpable anticipation for his upcoming solo exhibition at Art on Paper at Pier 36 in New York.

Among his notable works is a tribute to Virgil Abloh, the esteemed fashion designer known for his association with Louis Vuitton and his own brand, Pyrex Vision. Abloh’s tragic passing in 2021 moved the art and fashion community, and Philoche’s portrait evokes a serene depiction of him.

Philoche’s artistry shines a spotlight on resilience, a testament evident in his piece dedicated to Tyre Nichols, 29, who was allegedly assaulted by Memphis police. Philoche, sharing the skateboarder’s passion, chose to depict Nichols in the midst of his favorite pastime.

For those who couldn’t witness Philoche’s talents at the illustrious Southampton Art Fair, where he shared the spotlight with the likes of Warhol, Van Gogh, Picasso, Pollock, and Keith Haring, there are more opportunities ahead. Keep an eye out as Philoche is set to showcase ‘Black Barbie’ along with nine other masterpieces at the Art on Paper fair this September at the Tanya Weddemire Gallery in New York. This will be followed by a showcase at Art Basel Miami in December and then a January exhibition in Los Angeles at the Bruce Lurie Gallery.

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