by: Rebecca J. Brock


One look at Berjheny Del Mar, and you can clearly see she has an eye for style. I arrived early for our lunch interview, excited to meet Berjheny. She walked in wearing an uber chic fedora with a stylish sloughy t-shirt and shorts paired with super cute booties, and a Balenciaga bag thrown over her shoulder, and I immediately picked her out of the crowd as the designer.

8She started by telling me a little about herself, and I have to say I was beyond impressed. Born on the west coast of Venezuela and raised on the island of Aruba, Berjheny has also lived in Europe and the US. and can best be described as ‘worldly’. After studying Art and Design in London and Milan, Berjheny moved to NYC and graduated with a degree in fashion from the Parsons School of Design. She then interned with Narciso Rodriguez and Gucci before establishing her own line “Del Mar by Berjheny” in 2012. “My time in Aruba inspired me to start my own line of high-fashion swimwear. The vibe there is so laid back, and most of the time is spent wearing beachwear. I wanted women to feel glamorous while having fun. I design for a confident woman that has a strong sense of personal style and an effortless-yet sophisticated elegance.” One look at her designs and I already feel quite glamorous myself. I especially notice the attention to detail, with each piece having something unique about it, like macrame, beading or embroidery.

7I ask her about the designing process, and she assures me each step  in the process is well thought-out. The prints are designed by her, and the luxurious fabrics come from Europe. Then, they are sent to New York and Colombia, where each piece is handmade. “As a big advocate of women, and I have a small community of single mothers in Colombia sewing each piece. Being a single mother myself, I like to help women become industrious and independent.” I too am a single, working mother, and am impressed by her high standards. Everything about Berjheny and her line is simple remarkable.

As we wrap up our meal, Berjheny asks me to be her new Brand Ambassador for her swimwear line, and I almost choked on my Perrier. Even though I have been modeling for over 20 years and have been asked to be a Brand Ambassador before, I was extremely flattered and said ‘Yes!’ -before I even knew what this job entailed. Out of sheer curiosity, I had to ask her why she chose me. “Well, besides having been a model for so long, you embody what the Del Mar woman is all about. A strong, independent woman who does it all.” Why- thank you Berjheny…I’m certainly trying! I think her and I will be friends.

DelMar Swimwear is available at,, and

Rebecca J. Brock is a model, writer and Image Consultant living in Miami Beach.


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Photos by Romain Maurice

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