Paris, France, June 14-17, 2023,

VivaTech: Where Curiosity Met Innovation

VivaTech was the unmissable event where curiosity met groundbreaking innovation. Paris transformed into the global tech capital, attracting over 150,000 visitors for four intense days. Attendees immersed themselves in a world of experts, thrilling discussions, and exceptional demonstrations that inspired a fantastic future. Those who were part of the magic at VivaTech witnessed the power of innovation firsthand.

Step into the world of VivaTech, where science fiction transforms into tangible reality.

Witness the seamless fusion of robots and humans, as immersive experiences merge with cutting-edge technologies. This extraordinary event covers an extensive range of themes, including artificial intelligence, climate tech, cybersecurity, decentralized universes, video games, web3, robotics, deeptech, and much more. To top it off, we partnered with Global Sports Week to explore “the future of sports” and championed workplace inclusion through the FemTech Village. VivaTech was an explosion of creativity, inspiring ideas, and mind-blowing experiences that left attendees in awe.

Elon Musk’s Memorable Entrance at VivaTech

The VivaTech stage witnessed an unforgettable moment as Elon Musk took the spotlight. Alongside Maurice Lévy from the Publicis Group, Musk engaged in a captivating conversation at the iconic Dôme de Paris, captivating an audience of over 6,000 ecstatic fans. As the visionary behind PayPal, Tesla, and SpaceX, Musk eagerly answered audience questions, delivering an interactive, informative, and even dance-filled spectacle with his signature enthusiasm

Tech Powerhouses Shine at VivaTech: Marc Benioff, Yann Le Cun, and French President Emmanuel Macron

VivaTech witnessed the convergence of industry giants, with notable figures like Marc Benioff, the CEO and co-founder of Salesforce, and Yann Le Cun, the visionary behind Meta’s artificial intelligence. The event sparkled with the presence of these tech powerhouses, creating an exhilarating atmosphere. However, the excitement didn’t stop there. French President Emmanuel Macron himself graced the event, selecting VivaTech as the platform to unveil his groundbreaking investment plan. With 500 million euros dedicated to artificial intelligence and nearly 6 billion euros allocated to impact-driven startups, VivaTech became the perfect stage to transform your boldest ideas into tangible reality.

VivaTech 2023: A Technological Tsunami Like No Other

VivaTech 2023 made waves in the tech world, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. The numbers tell a compelling story of its immense reach and impact. With over 919 million people reached on social networks, 5 million viewers tuning in to the VivaTech News channel, and a staggering 6 billion social media impressions generated, the event proved to be an unstoppable force. These figures not only reflect the event’s unprecedented scale but also highlight its ability to captivate a global audience and drive conversations in the digital sphere.

VivaTech: Unveiling the World’s Best Startups

VivaTech is the ultimate destination for exploring groundbreaking startups from across the globe. The prestigious Next Unicorn Awards showcased the most promising talents in various categories, including fintech, deeptech, digital media, and more. The event also featured thrilling challenges that delved into a range of topics, such as sustainable development, diversity, the future of work, and even the future of sports. These initiatives ignited innovation and fostered discussions around the most pressing issues shaping our world today. At VivaTech, the possibilities are limitless, and the stage is set for discovering the next generation of disruptors and visionaries.

Continuing the Journey of Innovation at VivaTech

Thought the excitement was over? Think again! VivaTech continued to captivate with the prestigious AfricaTech Awards, honoring the most innovative startups from Africa in climate tech, health tech, and fintech. Kubik, Curacel, and Waspito were celebrated for their outstanding contributions, demonstrating how African startups are making a profound impact on the world. VivaTech stands as a steadfast supporter of these visionary minds, fostering an environment that nurtures and propels their groundbreaking ideas. Prepare yourself for an inspiring journey as we delve into the brilliant minds shaping innovation in Africa.

But that’s not all! The Female Founder Challenge award ceremony was an absolute delight. French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne proudly presented the prize to the deserving winner, Zuzanna Stamirowska, the innovative founder of Pathway. Her groundbreaking Python framework has garnered acclaim, showcasing her exceptional talent and dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology. At VivaTech, we celebrate the achievements of female entrepreneurs, championing their pioneering spirit and transformative contributions to the tech industry.

Stay Informed for VivaTech 2024

Mark your calendars because the eighth edition of VivaTech is an event you simply can’t afford to miss. Prepare to be immersed in a world where brilliance knows no bounds, where the brightest minds on the planet gather to showcase the latest innovations that will shape our future. This is your opportunity to witness groundbreaking ideas that have the power to change the world and perhaps even spark the birth of your own startup.

VivaTech is more than just a conference—it’s an extraordinary experience that transcends time and propels us into both the world of tomorrow and the world we live in today. It’s a convergence of innovation, inspiration, and limitless possibilities. So get ready to embrace the future and seize the opportunities that lie ahead. Live long and prosper as VivaTech takes us on a thrilling journey into the realm of innovation.

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