Talented dancer, singer and actress Julianne Hough defines what it means to be a triple threat. Fans got to know her as a two-time professional champion on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, but Julianne has since grand jete’d her way from the ballroom floor to the big screen, become an award-winning recording artist and choreographer, and launched a new lifestyle website, Jules.

But Julianne is also a triple threat when it comes to her discipline, professionalism and passion. Beauty for a Purpose checked in to talk about where she finds such positivity, and the confidence behind her show-stopping career moves.

She’s courageous

You’ve made some brave decisions in your career—from moving abroad at age 10 to further your dance training to returning to Dancing with the Stars as a judge with all eyes on you. What gives you the courage to leap into the unknown?

I love switching modes and jumping into new things. If asked to choose between acting, dancing or singing, I don’t think I could. So although a new project can be a little daunting at times, I actually feed off of that excitement and love that I’m able to do something different all the time.

Where’s your next leap taking you?

To the role of Sandy in Grease: Live, which airs on Fox on January 31st! It is such an iconic role, so at first I was nervous, but I’m honestly just so grateful and humbled to bring the character of Sandy back to life. I’m excited that I get to act, sing and dance all in one project.

She’s adaptable

Dancer, singer, actress, choreographer — how do you find fulfillment in each unique discipline?

As an actress, I get to live in someone else’s shoes. I feel very mentally stimulated and challenged when I’m studying for a new role — it’s therapeutic and brings a lot of compassion to my life getting to know and understand parts of a character that I don’t necessarily relate to. It’s a similar feeling when I’m dancing and choreographing, but I also enjoy the physical challenge. Dancing is one sport that is athletic and spiritually inspiring. I never feel more present in my life than when I’m on stage dancing.

What advice would you give to someone looking to venture outside of her comfort zone?

Believe in yourself! Any time I start doubting myself or looking to others for affirmation, I always say, “All I need is within me now.” A strong and powerful woman is not afraid to be who she is or worry about what others think. When you’re 100 percent yourself, nothing is more beautiful or powerful.

She’s passionate

You’ve said you’ve always known who you are. What keeps you focused to continue challenging yourself?

When you have a passion for something, the drive comes naturally. The will to work hard never feels like a chore, and I always go with my gut. People often try to persuade you with their own opinions, but the answer always come back to, “What am I most passionate about?”

You’re also passionate about beauty – what’s your latest must-have product?

Big & False Mascara! I naturally have pretty long lashes, but they are blonde and fine. I use Big & False to enhance my natural flare. It makes me look and feel like a beautified, authentic version of myself.