New York City native Sam Setton is a singer/songwriter who has been creating raw and honest music since his early teens: writing, singing, and playing guitar and piano. He has been a staple performer at almost every event that his community has thrown and is seen as a rockstar by his family and peers alike. Only after years of experimenting and exploring as an artist, did Sam craft his current sound – a blend of electronically driven pop and R&B. Sam spends his days working in a midtown skyscraper as a financial consultant but spends his nights holed up in the studio, working towards his eventual escape. His music springs from this struggle. Like a superhero, at night he becomes a technician working enclosed in his studio. Sam Setton occasionally plays at open mic events, talent shows and small showcases in the Big Apple.
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Sam Setton has all the ingredients to satisfy curious and discerning ears like yours. With his electro-pop debut track “Berlin”, Sam is bringing fire and soul from the future. On June 21st, he played a live set at PIANOS in New York to celebrate the release of ‘Berlin’. Sam Setton is a real citizen of NYC: he grew up in the Midwood section of Brooklyn but is now living in downtown Manhattan. The self-taught singer-songwriter started to play guitar and singing around the time he was twelve. He has experimented and explored sounds for years, and you can hear that in his track that sounds like a real patchwork. Basically, Sam Setton picked up what was the best in pop , electronica, and soul music. We guess music means a lot to him, more than his regular job, as he describes it like “an escape”. As written in the press release: “his music springs from this struggle”. That is probably why his debut track sounds deep, honest and convincing. As the 23-year-old singer explains:

“Berlin is a song I wrote about the constant struggle of being in a toxic relationship. On the surface, there’s honesty; feelings of regret, love, and hate. But at the core, there is a hope that with patience, things will work out.”
-Sam Setton

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His two main influences have been Frank Ocean and Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys, for his writing at least… Because there can be no doubt that he is, above all, a genuine music lover. John Mayer, Tame Impala, or even grime artists, like Skepta, are often present in his own playlists! What is coming next for the young artist? An EP is in preparation and a series of remixes! With “Berlin” as a title, the track deserves to be brought to the dance floor. By the way, the streaming service just added “Berlin” to their “Hiptronix” playlist some days ago! Mark my words, Sam Setton is going places!

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