Not Nothing is a story of sisters working through challenges of unconditional love in the small town of Wichita Falls, Texas. This film is layered with every emotion.

Trish Davis played by Suzanne Schmidt is a battered wife who realizes she must move on from her abusive husband. When he viciously attacks his wife, then apologizes, expecting her to blink back her tears, cover the blood and bruises with make-up.  

Laura Davis-Bodine played by Christie Maturo is also a wife in a loveless marriage who is married to a disconnected, dispassionate woman. She’s a fixer, the sister that covers the messes so well that she neglects her own needs and wants. She’s the daughter that takes mom to the doctor, sits with her after chemo. She is the glue that holds all the pieces together including herself.

These sisters have troubled marriages. Their spouses are on the same coin but different sides.

Having a terminal parent is incredibly difficult. You hope and pray they get better. Let’s face it, mothers are superhuman. Mom is played by Ivy Opdyke who attempts to soothe her daughters’ wounds while battling cancer.

Actor and writer, Suzanne said that “When seeking a director for Not Nothing, a more dramatic piece, Kerith Lemon was my obvious first choice. I was thrilled when Kerith, after reading the script, jumped in to guide the telling and sharing of this relatable story. Once I saw her on set and felt the heightening effect of her collaboration, I knew we had something special.” 

Director, Kerith Lemon shared, “It’s nothing. Really. Never mind.” As humans, we’re very well-schooled in the art of invalidating our feelings and the art of seeking validation from others, especially family. That singular phrase, “it’s nothing,” sums up everything and nothing we feel all at once. We say it when we’re feeling the most vulnerable, yet that simple phrase stops us from revealing those feelings and asking for help.

 Not Nothing, at its core, is about family, relationships, and the strength of love in the most necessary of moments. So, I approached this story emotionally. We shot completely handheld to allow the camera to feel all that our characters were feeling and give the audience a fly-on-the-wall perspective to some very intimate moments. I worked with our DP, Drew Ganyer, to establish a clear visual language throughout the film. When filming the sisters, we always used an over-the-shoulder single shot to give that sense of togetherness, as opposed to when we shot with other characters, we used clean singles. I wanted the sisters to constantly be in frame together so that at the point of their relationship breakdown the viewer would feel something was missing, in the same way, the sisters felt more alone than ever.

 I feel strongly that this story of two 40-something sisters and their strong bond is one that isn’t being told in mainstream media. It is a story that will resonate with sisters, brothers, and friends and deserves to be told. It’s Not Nothing, it’s everything.”

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