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If you know fashion and you know swimwear, then you’d already know where to find some of the most stylish looks in South Florida, just in time for the summer. Caffe Swimwear is the name of the brand and Paula Saavedra, an established swimwear designer, is the face behind its’ innovative designs and luxurious appeal. This particular brand offers top-of-the-line women’s swimwear, beach wear, and beach accessories in more than 38 countries. Raising-the-bar of aquatic fashion, Paula combines quality with high-fashion ideal for lavish lifestyles.

Paula Saavedra, Caffe SwimwearDuring Miami Swim Week, L’Etage had the chance to interview Paula about her most recent collection. Full of opalescent prints and neutral accessories, she reveals the inspiration for her collection and talks a little bit about the origin of her brand.

L’Etage: Salutations Paula, it’s nice to finally meet you. Congratulations on your collection, it was stunning!

Paula: Thank you.

L’Etage: Why don’t you start by telling us how you began your career as a swimwear designer?

Paula: I began my career as a swimwear designer eleven years ago. I lived in Venezuela for a period of time. I noticed the native women there go away every weekend to the beach. I saw an opportunity and a high-end niche market for swimwear.

L’Etage: Tell us a little bit about your aesthetic and where you find inspiration for your designs. I saw lots of prints, lots of iridescent neon colors- orange, green, pink, cerulean blue.

Paula: Caffe is a concept of laid back luxury so we don’t really sell a product, we sell a lifestyle. The collection was inspired by the depths of the ocean and its magical colors so that’s why you saw a lot of bright hues. A lot of blues reminiscent of the ocean, scale-prints, yellows and greens reminiscent of jellyfish and so on.

L’Etage: So this recent collection was inspired by aquatic nature and everything that it encompasses, for the most part.

Paula: Precisely.

L’Etage: What’s the story behind the name of the brand, Caffe?

Paula: I wanted the name to be recognized on a global scale and easy to remember. The name also has a Colombian origin.

L’Etage: Thank you for your time Paula, it was a pleasure to meet you and I wish you nothing but success!

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