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Claire Pommet, who goes by Pomme, is a queer French singer and songwriter bringing her ethereal and beautiful sound to her American tour. With a nomination for “Tour of the Year” at Les Victoires de la Musiques (the French GRAMMYs), this is one tour you won’t want to miss. 

In addition to  being an award-winning artist, Pomme is also an actress. Known for her intimate and emotional music, Pomme blends her fairy-like daintiness with macabre imagery in her latest film Saisons. I had the pleasure of meeting her in New York while she was show chasing her short films Saisons, le film: hiver and Saisons, le film: printemps, Saisons, le film: automne

Pomme has unveiled her fourth album, “Saisons,” a modern opera now available in two parts. She revealed the Saisons, le film: hiver and Saisons, le film: printemps, Saisons, le film: automne short films and the full Saisons short film will be released in July. The song “_dec carte de noël” was co-written with Aaron Dessner (The National, Taylor Swift, Justin Vernon etc).  June stands for the first of three summer tracks that Pomme has chosen to call “perseides”, the famous shower of shooting stars that floods the summer sky.

Pomme’s new album, “Saisons,” is a stunning orchestral journey through the year. With 12 tracks, three for each season, it captures the essence of every month. This orchestral project showcases her unique artistic vision and invites listeners on a spring-to-winter journey. The album flows seamlessly, inviting listeners to relax and envision their dream cartoon. This musical experience is paired with a 36-minute film, co-directed by Pomme, Hugo Pillard, and Nina Richard

Pomme drew inspiration from American advertisements from the 50s and 60s, focusing on the idealized beauty of women and iconic Coca-Cola ads. Her friends brought additional global references, contributing to the project’s experimental nature. The lack of traditional transitions added to the film’s unique and unpredictable feel.

Saisons is an ephemeral film, released in intervals on YouTube and screened only twice in New York. Pomme, the artist behind this dreamlike project, revealed that a full tour is unlikely due to the high costs of touring with a twenty-two-person orchestra and a lack of support from her label. Nevertheless, Pomme remains dedicated, pushing her beloved project with passion and determination.

Pomme hosted an intimate screening for an exclusive audience of 25. Following the film, attendees were treated to a Q&A session, offering a deeper dive into her creative process and vision.


Inside the Dreamlike World of the French Singer Pomme 

What is your favorite season?

“In life I think I love the fall, because it’s really magical, but in the movie I really love the summer and the second, and it’s not out yet

This one is, it was really intense because I was underwater, and I didn’t have a big budget for this film, so we did everything pretty much in fucked up ways. I was just like,underwater, and I had nothing to breathe, I was just trying to stay more than three seconds, and we did that for like five hours. 

So yeah, probably the summer part of the film, and also I love the little Sylvanian like the little animals, they’re like really cute, they’re Japanese […] and they are so cute and creepy also, and I love having that a lot in the summer part, they’re just like chilling, and doing nothing, and it’s really creepy, and yeah, I think the summer, but in life, I love the fall too.”

When you wrote the song did you have ideas for the movie?

“I think when I write songs, I always have ideas, and weird images, and everything, and I always like to write stuff down. I also directed a movie with two of my friends and together, the three of us, we added a lot of ideas and some of these ideas were from the beginning of the writing of the songs and then some of them were my friends. 

The fall part is entirely my friend Hugo. I was just like, do the teen horror movie of your dreams. For the summer, I knew that I wanted Sylvanians  and for the winter, I wanted to have that cup monster. 

It’s really weird because when I write songs, I have images of really precise stuff. I guess it’s also because I’ve watched a lot of anime movies and movies in general. It was a dream because it allowed me to do all the video clips that I wanted to do in the movie, so I guess I’m not doing any video clips for ten years. 

Now, it’s really intense, but yeah, it’s a mix of my ideas when I write songs and also some ideas from my friends who co -directed the movie, especially for the full. It’s just really experimental, this is just like something that I never thought I would be doing and then I’m really glad I did it. I knew that I wanted images for the whole album from the beginning.”

What is the significance of the mustache?

“The mustache in the summer scene – I think I was a bit crazy writing the summer part of the movie, but I wanted to have a subtle conversation about being a boy or being a girl, being fluid, not knowing what you want to be. Those questions that we all ask ourselves, and I just wanted it to be fun, and straightforward. The symbols are not too heavy, it’s a soft way to talk about subjects that are important to me, it’s a free space to experiment. 

I never got to do this before. In France when you do a video clip, your label wants it to go on TV. This movie, none of it is going on TV. I just wanted to try something new. I wanted this to be about identity. “

Pomme aimed to spark conversations about gender and self-discovery in a fun and straightforward manner. The symbols are kept light to allow for free experimentation. Unlike typical French music videos destined for TV, this film was a space for Pomme to explore themes of identity without constraints.

How would you describe the genre?

I think the whole album musically doesn’t fit any genre musically. It’s something else, it’s an opera, it’s french chanson, it’s instrumental, a lot of orchestral parts where I don’t sing at all which my label hated. I would love for it to be on TV in France but I don’t think it’s possible. But this time I was hoping to do something different and not be in any kind of box.  

Are you going to get the whole orchestra parts on tour?

We’re not touring this album because it’s too expensive, there’s twenty-two people in the orchestra. But we did this concert cinema in Montreuil, which is like a suburb of Paris, in April. It was just once, and I don’t think we will do it again. I also like that this project is also kind of ephemeral. 

Pomme’s Q&A session provided a glimpse into her creative world, revealing her passion for blending music and visuals, pushing artistic boundaries, and exploring deep themes with a playful touch.








Pomme on tour:


Tue 5.21 – Bogota, COL @ Sala Delia Zapata

Thu 5.23 – Mexico, MEX @ Lunario del Auditorio Nacional

Fri 5.24 – Guadalajara, MEX @ C3 Stage

Sun 6.9 – Quebec, CAN @ Imperial Hall

Mon 6.10 – Toronto, CAN @ Phoenix Concert Hall

Wed 6.12 – Boston, MA @ The Sinclair (w/ Beccs)

Thu 6.13 – Washington, DC @ Union Stage (w/ Catherine Savage)

Sat 6.15 – New York, NY @ Webster Hall (w/ Beccs)

Tue 6.18 – San Francisco, CA @ Great American Music Hall

Wed 6.19 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Regent Theater

For more information on Pomme, please contact:

Gold Atlas – Inge Colsen – [email protected] – 212-203-5240


Shot By: Down To Be Artsy @DTBA_

Written & Edited By: Shirley Reynozo  @moyamusic_

Special thanks to: Inge Colsen (Publicist)

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