Celebrating the Legacy of Denzel Washington at the 28th Annual American Black Film Festival

The 28th annual American Black Film Festival (ABFF) proudly presents “Retrospective: Celebrating the Legacy of Denzel Washington,” a unique program set for Saturday, June 15. This groundbreaking initiative honors the illustrious careers of exceptional Black artists, and this year, it shines the spotlight on one of Hollywood’s most revered figures. The festival runs live in Miami Beach from June 12-16 and continues online from June 17-24 on ABFF PLAY.

Jeff Friday, Founder & CEO of NICE CROWD, expressed his excitement, stating, “We are thrilled and honored to present Denzel Washington with the very first ABFF career retrospective. Denzel has been a longtime supporter of ABFF, attending the festival in its early years. This moment is truly full circle for us to celebrate his career in this way.”

The Retrospective program will offer a captivating journey through the cinematic legacy of Academy Award-winning actor and director Denzel Washington. Attendees will experience themed activations and screenings of some of his most iconic films, including Sony Pictures Entertainment’s/TriStar Pictures’ “Devil in a Blue Dress.” The celebration will culminate in a special tribute and onstage interview with Washington on closing night, highlighting his remarkable achievements on screen and his significant cultural impact as a director, producer, humanitarian, husband, and father.

The Denzel Washington Retrospective promises to inspire and enlighten the festival’s audience, providing an in-depth look at the career of one of the most respected and talented artists of all time.

ABFF continues to be a cornerstone for diversity in Hollywood, showcasing Black creativity and stories on a unique platform for mainstream audiences and beyond. The 2024 festival will feature diverse narrative and documentary filmmakers from the USA, Nigeria, France, and Canada. The narrative features lineup spans genres such as action, psychological thriller, romance, biography, drama, comedy, and coming-of-age stories, addressing culturally relevant themes like mental health, trafficking, homelessness, gang violence, gentrification, and LGBT advocacy.