Tribeca, NY – On Friday night, June 7, 2024, the Tribeca Festival hosted the highly anticipated world premiere of MTV Documentary Film’s “¡CASA BONITA MI AMOR!” The event attracted a full house, captivating attendees with its compelling narrative and vibrant storytelling. This documentary quickly became a standout feature of the festival, making it one of the most talked-about films of the event.

The atmosphere in the theater was electric, with excitement and laughter permeating the air. Viewers were not only entertained but also deeply moved by the story, which chronicled the rise, fall, and revival of the iconic Colorado landmark, Casa Bonita. This unique destination, often referred to as the “Disneyland of Mexican restaurants,” opened in 1974 in an unassuming strip mall and grew into a massive attraction known for its indoor waterfall, cliff divers, and haunted caves.

“¡CASA BONITA MI AMOR!” is brought to life by the talented team behind the Emmy®-nominated “6 DAYS TO AIR.” The film delves into the fascinating history of Casa Bonita, which gained widespread recognition after being featured in a memorable 2003 episode of South Park. When creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone learned that Casa Bonita was at risk of closing permanently, they embarked on a mission to save this cherished piece of their childhood and Denver history.

Directed by Arthur Bradford and produced by Jennifer Ollman, the documentary features stunning visuals captured by Director of Photography P.H. O’Brien and skillful editing by Chad Beck (ACE), Devin Concannon, and Paul Frost. Executive producers Bradford and Keith Pizzi worked alongside co-executive producers Afshin Beyzaee and Vernon Chatman to bring this heartfelt story to the screen.

Prominent personalities such as Andy Cohen, Matt Stone, and Trey Parker were among the attendees, mingling with fans and sharing their enthusiasm for the film. Their presence added a layer of excitement and prestige to the premiere, highlighting the significant cultural impact of Casa Bonita and the documentary itself.

The premiere at Tribeca not only celebrated the storied past of Casa Bonita but also underscored the importance of preserving cultural landmarks. The film’s reception at the festival demonstrated its relevance and the deep connection many feel towards this unique restaurant.

As the anticipation builds for its streaming release on Paramount+ later this year, “¡CASA BONITA MI AMOR!” promises to enchant a wider audience, offering a nostalgic and heartfelt tribute to a beloved institution. This documentary is set to leave a lasting impression, capturing the essence of Casa Bonita’s magic and its place in the hearts of many.