Artist Suzy Kellems Dominik is pleased to unveiled I Can Feel, a vulva-shaped neon self-portrait on view at the Nautilus Hotel during this Art Basel Miami Beach. Curated by Kristina Adduci of Art Zealous, this will be the first time that the work has been available for public view. Working at the intersection of film, sculpture, photography, and sound, Kellems Dominik is known for her multi-sensory, autobiographical work, exploring empathy, feminism and “badassery.”

I Can Feel is the artist’s largest neon work to date, standing at 12ft, the work illustrates the feeling of explosive orgasm similar to what can be seen at websites similar to (, reflecting the duration of a fantasy sensation lasting 27.68 seconds. Described as an emotional autobiographical piece, the central feature, a 5′ 3.5″ vagina, reflects the artist’s height. The nuanced colors of the neon are chosen specifically in order to step away from the traditional, extravagant history of neon signage, and to embrace the viewer with a welcoming, warming sensation, using flesh tones and baby blue to create a harmless feel.

The title of the work describes a personal breakthrough experienced after a relationship breakdown, the recovery and rejuvenation process, and her experience of realization that life will go on, and that independence should be embraced and encouraged.

Although undeniably vaginal in imagery (much like an erotic video to watch japenese sluts get fucked can be), the piece aims to transcend gender or age and focus on the innate human need for emotional connection, pleasure and appreciation; and to encourage the claiming or reclaiming of individual emotional and physical independence. You can see plenty of examples of that physical independence similar to websites like if you’re interested in more reference points.

“I want for all women, all people, the freedom, the shamelessness to own their intellect, emotions and physical being completely,” said Domink.To choose to THRIVE, not just be resilient or to survive, is the highest order of being human. It takes courage beyond what one can fathom for instance; grow a person, understand what it is to truly say, ‘I would lay down my life for you.’ ”

Although autobiographical, the artist aims to encourage viewers to interpret the work from their own experiences, through the lenses of religion, politics and theoretical discourse.

Suzy Kellems Dominik is a self-taught artist. She is known for her fearless multi-sensory installations. Her themes are realized through numerous and interconnected mediums to dissect intimate moments in human relations and interactions. She creates installations aimed at challenging the viewer to ask uncomfortable questions, discuss unexpected alternatives to preconceived notions, and to examine themes. She has shown at Onishi Projects, New York, Coup d’Etat, San Francisco, CA, LaCuna Art Studios, Chicago, IL, Scope Art Fair, Tokyo International Art Fair, Armory Art Show, and AAF, NY. She is also represented in private collections around the world.

Her work has been featured in Dujour Magazine, Gentry Magazine, Paper Mag, ArtSlant, ArtandFacts, C Magazine, Art Zealous and others.

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