L’ETAGE Magazine met up with Opera Gallery Group Founder Gilles Dyan, on March 24 at the opening of their newest location in the Miami Design District to discuss art, business, and their expansion in the global market. Dyan also gave us a small tour of the gallery and explained the elements behind one of his favorite works by Lita Cabellut.


Can you tell us a bit about the idea behind founding the Opera Gallery?

It has been established in Miami for 12 years and recently moved to The Palm Court in December. The concept we have worldwide for our galleries is to mix contemporary artists, both emerging and established, from all over the world. We have locations in Asia, the middle east, and the Americas, so we mix these important artists with masterpieces to cover all the movements of the twentieth century. There’s Renoir, Monet, but also Picasso, Chagall, Miro, up to American Pop Art. It’s a generalist concept so we can offer a very wide selection and price range for collectors, from ten thousand to ten million U.S dollars.


What is the importance of this location?

 We want it to inform collectors from Miami who have already bought works from us at Bal Harbor. It’s to teach people about this new space and offer them a new setting. We change the display almost every week because we have artworks come back and forth from different locations all over the world.


Are there any other recent achievements and what’s next for you and the gallery?

 Two weeks ago we opened a new location in Aspen and next week we’re opening in New York on Madison and 67th. We want to establish our presence in America so we have plans to open in Los Angeles and Texas. We try to find locations surrounded by luxury brands like jewelry and fashion such as Louis Vitton or Christian Dior. We also look forward to maybe opening a gallery in Katar in 2017. And also perhaps a gallery in Taiwan.


Do you have any favorite art movement or piece?

I like all periods of arts, maybe not all artists but every painting I carry is one that I admire, defend, and promote. My favorite art is Lita Cabellut, there’s very nice movement in that piece. It’s very striking. Its a very rewarding job to take an artist at the beginning and to allow him to become known. It’s very good exposure for the artists we are working with.

6-OperaGallery Exterior

The Miami Director Shana Dyan daughter of Opera Gallery Group Founder & Chairman, Gilles Dyan, gave an exclusive interview about the importance of contemporary art. Benchetrit explained the history and mission of Opera Gallery and why their newest location in Palm Court is key to their expansion into North America.

Why did Opera Gallery choose to expand from Bal Harbor to the Palm Court in Design District?

Opera Gallery has existed for over 20 years with locations all over the world. Miami Design District is the place to be, a lot of tourists are coming in and we are proud to present this place to both our regular and new customers. We like to be in the best luxury settings all over the world. Bal Harbor was a great location but Miami Design district is more artistic.


What is the importance of having art galleries in a community. Especially one as diverse as Miami?

 An art gallery is not only a place to purchase art but also a place to enjoy and appreciate it. It’s a pleasure for us to receive them here. The goal is to bring artist and art together. To give people a place to discover new ideas. It’s to show all these beautiful things that they may not see in museums.


What sets Opera Gallery apart?

 We are happy to be one of the few contemporary art galleries, presenting over 150 artists from all over the world. It’s an open-minded gallery that has something for everyone’s tastes. It’s eclectic and every artist is different. And that’s why I love to work here.


Do you have a favorite artwork on display here?

I can’t pick just one! I adore the photography and of course Lita Cabellut, Chagall, and Botero. I especially like South American artists like Antonio Seguí. For me, expressing yourself through art is one of the most important things in the world. It’s a way to open your mind and heart to others.

 Endless Column (Micro Cosmos). 2008. By Artist Marc Quinn


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