Meet the incredibly talented Shawn Warren of Los Angeles: art consultant, stylist, fashion icon, poet, songwriter and more. Fresh off a world tour of St. Barths, New York, Italy, Boston – and now, lucky for us – he’s landed in Palm Beach and Miami to give us a taste of his style and its modern methodology.

image9He is an innovator of “a new aesthetic in fashion and art,” as he describes himself. Although Shawn was born and raised in Boston, it is hard to place where he’s from due to his worldly attitude and constant world travels. Shawn is a staple at the legendary Fashion Weeks of New York, Milan and Paris — he once cycled through a total of 42 outfit changes for just one chaotic week in New York. Can you imagine the dry-cleaning bill with all of those designer brand clothes?

Shawn is a breakaway success in the business, styling some of the biggest names in Hollywood – Kelly Ripa, Aviva Drescher Paris Hilton to name a few – along with consulting on the set of music icon NSYNC.

Now let me tell you about the real Shawn Warren: he is one of the most charismatic, inspiring and innovating people I’ve met in my lifetime. Wherever Shawn goes, anywhere in the world, he is constantly stopped by passers-by begging him for his styling services. Having personally tried out his services myself in a consultation as part of this interview, I must say he is a burst of energy and a booster of confidence and grace: he made me feel elegant and excited to be wearing flattering clothing fit custom for my body figure and style. It was an unforgettable, educational experience that will impact how I dress, how I shop, and even how I notice the design elements in the fabrics, color and styles of today fashion. Shawn is as much a skilled professional as a truly unforgettable and capable human being. He is an artist of fashion, design and style. Consider me inspired.

Shawn Warren can be contacted for consultation via his company, StyleByShawn, at [email protected] or Instagram @StarGayzing_S.


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About The Author

Sara Nardea is no stranger to the art world, selling her own paintings and curating exhibitions -- from pop art to abstraction and now to art journalism, she is bringing her New York success to the up-and-coming Miami scene. Sara is now a contributing writer and editor at L'Etage Magazine.

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