Iconic oceanfront residences embarks on a new corporate identity and exterior design concept to redefine the nation’s leader in contemporary luxury living

Miami-based ArquitectonicaGEO to spearhead architectural and exterior renovation

Continuum On South Beach Master Association, the homeowners association for the iconic Continuum luxury oceanfront residences, is unveiling a new brand identity for the property and its grounds, bringing a contemporary and aesthetic transformation to the heart of South of Fifth. The new design and redevelopment will be the first venture of its kind by the acclaimed market leader in almost twenty years.

Continuum On South Beach has partnered with Miami-based ArquitectonicaGEO, one of the nation’s leading landscape architectural innovators, to design and redevelop the exterior grounds of the property, as part of an unprecedented transformation and beautification of the residences that will also bring new life and vitality to the surrounding South of Fifth neighborhood. To reinforce and complement the new visual identity, the Continuum On South Beach brand will also receive a permanent transformation, whereby the property and its corporate entity will be simply known as “Continuum” starting in 2019. The outdoor renovation is also scheduled to begin by the early part of next year.

“We are very excited to open the next chapter in our progressive journey to establish a new and improved identity,” says Rishi Idnani, Managing Director of Continuum On South Beach. “For almost two decades Continuum On South Beach has become established as the crown jewel in South of Fifth. The brand has grown to become recognized on an international scale, well beyond Miami Beach. We, therefore, thought it necessary to reflect this growth and reputation in our logo and corporate identity. We are also pleased to be working with one of today’s leading brand architects, ArquitectonicaGEO, for the outdoor renovation and transformation of our grounds that will ultimately mark a new beginning for the entire aesthetic of the Continuum and its surrounding neighborhood.”

The design ethos and landscape architectural theme adopted by ArquitectonicaGEO for the exterior renovation of the Continuum was presented as “Infinite Wellbeing” in-line with the resort-style philosophy of the property. The brief was to transform and embellish the outdoor space at the Continuum so residents and visitors utilize it to its maximum potential over time.

“Our aim is to entice homeowners and their guests to be outside as much as possible,” says Michelle Cintron, Vice President of ArquitectonicaGEO. “If we increase the lushness for the pedestrian and bring them closer to nature, they are more likely to use their grounds and even arrive by foot instead of by car. This can be achieved by introducing some tropical plants and trees that are native to Florida and more recognizable to everyone. The end goal of this transformation is also functionality, performance and to establish long-term maintenance of the property as a whole. Part of the project will naturally result in beautifying the surrounding neighborhood to make it more pedestrian friendly,” adds Cintron.  “This will potentially activate the nearby retail area to a larger extent.”

ArquitectonicaGEO will be implementing an overall exterior transformation starting from the driveway into the Continuum, leading from the main road, as well as in and around the “Lower Rotunda,” the entranceway, gatehouse area, and “Upper Rotunda” where cars and pedestrians enter both towers.

Landscape designers, led by the ArquitectonicaGEO team, will be adding a large embellishment of color throughout each vicinity, with a hand-picked selection of matching flowers, shrubs, foliage and vegetation. Tree species currently being selected for the project include the Autograph Tree, Pigeon Plum, Green Buttonwood and Gumbo Limbo. The intention is to also relocate a good number of healthy trees on site, such as Date Palms, Florida Thatch Palms and Brazilian Beautyleaf, among others.  The existing water fountain fixture in the Lower Rotunda will be replaced with a “Specimen Tree” to establish a more interesting and statuesque aesthetic during the arrival experience.  The largest transformation will be within the Upper Rotunda, where a large older water fountain currently sits.  This will be replaced with a smaller, more tranquil water fixture, together with green foliage and plants that will encourage pedestrians to sit around.  Multiple pathways will also be formed through the center of the rotunda, creating a walkway that does not interfere with arriving vehicles or valet.

“For more than 18 years, the Continuum has enjoyed widespread recognition as one of the nation’s market leaders in elite luxury living,” says Keith Marks, Board President and Chairman for the Continuum On South Beach Master Association. “To strengthen our position as pioneering among residents looking for the preeminent lifestyle offered, we thought it necessary to open a new chapter for the identity and aura of the property, that will ultimately enhance our unique appeal in contemporary design and serenity.”

The project is scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2019 and take approximately 18 to 24 months to complete.

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