Miami, a city celebrated for its diverse cultures and vibrant culinary scene, is once again at the forefront of gastronomic innovation with the return of the Creole Food Festival for its third edition on April 13, 2024. This year marks a milestone as the festival cruises into a new location at 1100 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL, a place as dynamic and colorful as the cultures it aims to celebrate. From 1 pm to 7 pm, attendees will be treated to an unparalleled showcase of flavors from Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, South America, and the Southern United States.

Elkhair Balla, Co-founder of the Creole Food Festival, expressed his enthusiasm about the festival’s new location on Lincoln Road. “Our new venue is sure to provide us and the guests with the best experience possible, while also introducing those that frequent the area to the magic that is Creole food!” This announcement promises an event that not only showcases culinary excellence but also serves as a platform for cultural exchange.

This year’s festival is set to elevate the sensory experience with its new setting, boasting an impressive lineup of culinary masters. Renowned chefs such as Todd Richards, Jouvens Jean, Irie, Kelvin Fernandez, Alain Lemaire, Cat Hinds, Jason Pierre, and Thia are among those set to showcase their skills. Guests can look forward to savoring the smoky aromas of jerk chicken, the bold flavors of Jollof rice, and much more, offering a taste of Creole cooking’s rich landscapes.

Hosting the event, Tico Armand brings a charismatic presence and a deep appreciation for the heritage that’s sure to resonate with the audience. This edition of the festival is excited to introduce Casa Matilda as a new highlight, alongside esteemed participants like Creole Garden and Papi Soley, showcasing the festival’s dedication to featuring an extensive selection of culinary excellence.

The Creole Food Festival transcends mere food celebration; it’s an immersive culture experience. With cooking demonstrations, signature libations, and music that spans the globe, the festival engages all senses. DJ Commish and Magic Kenny will provide the soundtrack, spinning a mix of tunes that promise to keep the energy high and the dance moves flowing.

Fabrice J. Armand, co-founder of the Creole Food Festival, shared his thoughts on the significance of the venue: “Lincoln Road is a world-renowned, outdoor pedestrian promenade in the heart of Miami Beach, featuring over 200 shops, cafés & galleries, public art, culture, happenings/events, and we are excited to host the Creole Food Festival in such an iconic area in Miami Beach. Lincoln Road and the Creole Food Festival also share a commonality in highlighting culture, nationally and internationally.”

The festival’s selection of this iconic strip as its venue reflects a shared vision of promoting appreciation for diversity. “It embodies the spirit of Miami’s cultural scene, making it the ideal setting for our festival,” said Armand. This convergence of culture and cuisine offers a taste of the Creole world to both locals and visitors.

Supported by sponsors such as Uncle Nearest, Barbancourt Rum, and the Greater Miami & Miami Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau, the festival is set to be a landmark event, drawing attention to the rich culinary traditions of black and brown chefs.

The Creole Food Festival in Miami is more than just a day of indulgence; it’s a celebration of the city’s spirit of diversity and unity through food. As Miami continues to serve as a melting pot of traditions, this festival celebrates the world’s rich gastronomic heritage, right in the heart of one of the most dynamic cities in the world.

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