By one of the biggest cannabis operators in the country, the new dispensary is now open to serve patients in Miami-Dade County and surrounding areas.

On April 14, 2023 — The marketing manager for Sunnyside Medical Cannabis Dispensary announced the opening of its first branch in Southwest Miami-Dade County. Located at 8717 SW 24th St., Miami, FL 33165, the location will cater to the nearby patients that previously had to make their way to the North Miami branch. The project is by Cresco Labs, one of the leading cannabis operators in the country.

With the opening of a branch in southwest Miami, the SunnySide Medical Cannabis Dispensary is now successfully available in twenty-nine locations in the state of Florida. It has grown to a family of 64 all across the country. The new dispensary was under discussion for an extended period of time after a number of requests were made by cannabis product consumers in the nearby vicinity. With its prime location in Coral Way, in the heart of Westchester, the area serves as a downtown to the neighborhoods of Coral Gables, Kendall, South Miami, and Sweetwater, among others.

The store has all the best-selling ranges of cannabis products for its patients, certified and guaranteed to be sourced from Cresco Labs. The medical cannabis products currently available include One Plant, Supply, Good News, Remedi, and Sunnyside. Also, an extensive selection of accessories, such as rolling pins and lighters, is available in the store. The impressive vape product line comprises Cresco’s liquid live resin vapes and live resin concentrates, One Plant’s premium hand-trimmed flower and live rosin solventless concentrates, Supply’s flower, concentrates, and vapes, Good News’ vapes, Remedi’s topical tinctures, and RSO Rick Simpson Oil syringes. The store also stocks Sunnyside Chews and Mints edibles.

Interested readers can pay a visit to the new branch for exclusive discounts and amazing promotions. Their steal deals include a limited-time offer of $3 off on buying two One Plant eights or availing One Plant eights at price points of $20 and $25. Additionally, the store has Cresco 1g live resin concentrates available at a promotion of 2 for $120, and One Plant 1g live rosin concentrates available at a price point of $45 for one and an upgrade of 3 for $120. Customers can also avail themselves of the 2 Remedi 1g RSO promotion for $100. To view all promotional offers, please check at Sunnyside | Medical & Recreational Cannabis Dispensaries.

‘We are now available in southwest Miami-Dade County. We thank our patients for their patience and love for us. The opening response has been huge, and we promise to provide no less than the best service at our store. Patients can trust us for the quality products that Cresco Labs has been serving over the years all over the country. The Sunnyside has become among the top reliable cannabis medical dispensaries for its smooth, hassle-free, and quality-guaranteed service.’ Cris Rivera, Florida Regional President at Cresco Labs

As per the standard operational policy, all Sunnyside Medical Cannabis Dispensaries provide the services of wellness advisors who are available at the stores to assist patients in their shopping and offer advice based on their medical condition and requirements. In addition, they provide services to customers who prefer to shop online via their official website. Shop online or visit the store anytime between Monday and Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., and on Sunday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

For more details and information, please head over to Sunnyside Medical Cannabis Dispensary in Miami.

About Sunnyside Medical Cannabis Dispensary

The new Sunnyside Medical Cannabis Dispensary by Cresco Labs has commenced operations in Miami-Dade County. Patients from southwest Miami can trust the store to deliver the same quality of experience as all the other branches in the country.