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Thousands of fans gathered at the Mall of Emirates in Dubai to catch a glimpse of the legendary football star and international fashion icon, David Beckham, as he hosted the grand opening of a new Adidas flagship store.

Beckham personally greeted the lucky winners of an Instagram competition, that had previously taken place, and welcomed all attendees to the launch party. In addition, he took pictures and signed autographs to all fans who were part of the new ‘Home-Court’ store opening.

???????????????????????????The new Adidas ‘Home-Court’ concept store celebrates the brand’s authentic image and sports culture, giving their customers a whole new shopping experience by creating an interactive 375 sqm space, where energy and thrill are palpable from the moment you walk in. This is the first store of its kind opened in Dubai, thus far.

“I always love coming to Dubai – it’s a special place that’s constantly evolving, just like Adidas and their stores. Spending some time here today, it was great to get a sense of the energy people have for sport. In Dubai I’ve met people from all around the world who are united in their passion for sport.” Said the former English football player after the event.

“Beckham is my idol; it was amazing to meet him. I’m not a Manchester United fan but everyone loves watching Beckham. Today was my birthday so we just talked about that, and he wished my happy birthday.” Said Rayyan Lodhi, 13, who was one of the contest winners present at the grand opening.

???????????????????????????Ayaan Nadeem, 11, from Dubai was another lucky attendee and said “That was my dream. He’s always been my role model. Who couldn’t love him? Not only is he one of the greatest players, he gives so much to charity.”

In addition, Amal Aal Rabeea, member of the UAE national football team and coach of the women’s team at Zayed University said “He’s the reason I play. He’s been my inspiration, I’ve followed him in every league and every club he’s played for.”

Although Beckham was the guest of honor, several executives from Adidas Middle East and Adidas North Africa were also present at the launch party Including the following: Osman Ayaz, Managing Director Emerging Markets; Jason Thomas, Managing Director EM Central (MENA), Tushar Goculdas, Vice President Brand Adidas Emerging Markets, Jad Chouman, Senior Marketing Director EM Central (MENA) and Siddarth Jham, Senior Director Retail EM Central (MENA).

???????????????????????????Jason Thomas, Managing Director, Adidas Middle East and Northern Africa explained that “The Adidas Home-Court store concept is all about celebrating a love of sport and there could be no better person to represent that than David Beckham. He is one our most celebrated icons and a face of the brand who is adored worldwide, especially in the region. The response to our Instagram competition and the reaction of fans today is an incredible showing of his universal appeal.”

Furthermore, he added that “The store at Mall of the Emirates is a new home for sport fans. It’s a unique place that takes the consumer experience to an entirely new level by featuring sport and passion in every single element. David’s appearance at the store this week is a bold statement that signals our commitment to the region and our intent to put fans at the heart of sport. It is the start of exciting new journey for Adidas and for fans, all starting as soon as they enter the store”

???????????????????????????Since sports are the heart of the Adidas brand, the new ‘Home-Court’ concept allows the customers to experience memorable features like the ‘Arena Façade’, which serves as an unforgettable first impression. In addition, the ‘Tunnel Entry’ draws shoppers in and makes them feel as if they were walking into a stadium, complete with a cheering audience. This wonderful sensation of stepping into a big game, makes guests feel as part of something innovative, creative and powerful. Another great feature is the ‘Team Room’, which doubles as fitting room area and social meeting space, which helps customers try on items while socially interacting with fellow shoppers and other aspects of the brand itself. Furthermore, the ‘Shoebase at Centrefield’ is where the unique and interactive energy of game day comes alive. As the heart of the store, this area serves as main interaction center that makes the entire shopping experience a truly remarkable one.

???????????????????????????Jad Chouman, Senior Marketing Director, Adidas Middle East and Northern Africa said that the “Home-Court gives consumers the opportunity to experience the entire breadth and depth of the Adidas brand,”. “We reference sport in every element of the store from the materials selected to the inspirations of the designs to the tools we use for storytelling.” He added.

For more detailed information on the new Adidas retail concept ‘Home-Court’, read the feature story “Home-Court brings the passion of sport to Adidas retail” on

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