Pearl Jam, among one of rock’s great live acts, played a phenomenal three hour set on Saturday at the American Airlines Arena. The band, who celebrated their 25th anniversary of playing live October of last year, have made their collective mark in the nexus of rock mainly through dedication to their fandom, along with putting their full effort into their craft.

Pearl jam - photo by Tracy DestinEmerging from the grunge scene in the early 90’s, Pearl Jam is one of the selective groups to have transcended relevancy, proving to be the face of stellar showmanship and humbleness not seen too often in groups of their stature. This has earned them a fan base that is notorious for their cult-like devotion in both dedication and admiration. This following is the result of continuous consistency in both Pearl Jam’s studio and live outings.

Pearl jam - photo by Tracy Destin

Saturday, April 9th was absolutely no exception to Pearl Jam’s incredible legacy as a must-see live band. The group played an incredible three-hour set laden with both classic and new hits, along with a surprising cover of Pink Floyd’s ‘Comfortably Numb’. The band, not shy to express their political standing and beliefs, expressed their thoughts on Senator Rick Scott and the nationwide treatment of veterans, much to the support of the audience.

Pearl Jam remains a seminal live act, and this performance further propelled their standing as rock royalty.


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