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Fashion 4 Life is an organization that gives knowledge about the increased concerns of human sex trafficking. As society knows, individuals that have been in these types of situations find it hard to trust and live a normal life, but the Fashion 4 Life organization provides help for people who have been a victim of this heinous crimes. A lot of people wants to know how can we, as a society stop or decrease these crimes and here is a response from founders of the organization, Angela Marie Pacley and LaConia Dean; “Unfortunately, there has not been one solution to growing this epidemic. It will take collaboration of varies accepts to find the solution.  Fashion 4 Life firmly believes that the foundation of morals and values and family infrastructures are two accepts that are needed for a global solution. Fashion 4 Life has developed a programmed in our fight to bring global awareness human trafficking called S.A.F.D.E. “Saving Adolescent From Destructive Environments.”

Sex trafficking has been one of the topics that a lot of people are afraid to converse about and it is rare that society talks about the increased concerns about this nature. Angela had this to say about why people are afraid to talk about sex trafficking;  “I think that people are reluctant to speak human trafficking the new Modern Day Slavery, because many are not aware that the problem exist and it does not hit home.”

Angela Marie’s daughter Sade was a victim of human sex tracking and it was nightmare beyond anything she could’ve been through, life for her has been a tough, but her and her daughter have started their healing process. “Jesus was the answer of our healing. If it had not been for him on my side where would my daughter be. I can simply say it was my faith in God that brought us through these times. Definitely the support of family and friends, Zone 4 Police Department and especially Detective Mark House who helped break this case wide open brought back my daughter and 12 other children. We are still healing  and it has been a life long process and will be a continuous faith walk.”

Fashion 4 life has been through some ups and downs, but the founder’s faith have helped them get some huge success with different companies that have helped them along the way. Their biggest accomplishment was a partnership with Bermuda Fashion Festival and the City of Hamilton along with my business partner LaConia Jenkins Dean of Artisan Agency. “We were able to launch the 1st  Fashion 4 Life- Bermuda International Designer Show featuring Thomas LaVone, Evelyn Lambert, House of Shavi, Patrick T Cooper and headliner designer Adolfo Sanchez. We also brought the global screening of the made for  TV One movie Girlfriends Getaway 2 staring Malinda Williams, Essence Atkins, Terri Vaughn, and Gercella Beauvais. We were able to have our sponsors; Maybelline, Loreal, JetBlue. Princess Hamilton, T K Hair Salon, and Specialty Cinema. We have just secured our non profit with Keba Richmond Green of DreamGirlz Unlimited, LLC to open a home for girls in the U.S.”

One of the motivational quote that Angela goes by is the “I Have a Dream Speech.” When I came to Atlanta from Cleveland I knew that I would be an entrepreneur and have my own business and that is all I heard. I  had no idea how my dream would be tested. My daughter is my DREAM, and her being kidnapped and trafficked would be a testament of that dream and the fight I have now to ensure that other people get to live their dreams,  live in peace ,and not subjected for their bodies, minds, and spirit of being sold. I want to bring hope to those who have been influenced by “dream stealers’ who shoot down or make  you “thumb down” your dreams because they can’t see your vision. It is not for them to see.”

Seeing how a lot of individuals who are helping the organization has been a great achievement within Fashion 4 Life. ” One has definitely been finding so many people who are “like minded” and working for a common cause to help these young people come home safely and change laws. Also, working with so many wonderful organizations who have stepped up and given their time and donations to help  bring awareness to such a pivotal epidemic in our society today is a blessing for me, as well as the company”Evolution-Retail-Show-City-Fashion-Festival-Bermuda-July-11-2015-47