Miami Swim Week 2024 has arrived, with Rodeo Swim poised as one of the season’s most anticipated events! On June 2nd, 2024, from 7 PM to 11 PM, the prestigious  1111 Lincoln Road, (7th Floor) Venue Space will host this year’s swimwear fashion festival, featuring an immersive Rodeo experience inspired by Beyoncé’s acclaimed Cowboy Carter album. Rodeo Swim will spotlight and celebrate eight innovative swim and resort wear designers, emphasizing inclusive sizing, diversity, and the fusion of Western fashion with contemporary swimwear trends. This year’s standout event is executive produced by Ailene Torres, the trailblazing Afro-Latina behind last year’s PURE FAE SWIM. Additionally, Rodeo Swim is committed to donating 25% of its proceeds to The Oyster Institute, a South Florida-based environmental nonprofit founded by David Punchard. The organization focuses on educating the public, funding, and constructing oyster reefs to naturally and sustainably clean and restore coastal canals and waterways.

“We’re dedicated to creating a renaissance in raising oysters in South Florida through our initiatives that will ultimately clean and restore Florida canals and other waterways. Oysters naturally filter and clean bodies of water and offer the best sustainable, renewable microalgae biomass source necessary for cleaning waterways. Oysters also have the smallest environmental impact and can be scaled faster and cheaper than other available solutions,” said Punchard.

During this extraordinary Swim Week fashion event, guests will be captivated by cutting-edge swimwear trends amidst an electrifying western cowboy-themed atmosphere. The event will kick off with a red carpet for VIP guests at 7 PM, followed by an exclusive VIP soiree mixer. The highlight of the evening, the cowboy glitz swimwear runway shows, will begin at 9 PM. “Country glitz and glam” is the theme of our iconic Swim Week event on Miami Beach this summer. Inspired by Beyoncé’s globally successful Cowboy Carter album, I am thrilled to produce this iconic runway show featuring some of the most innovative fashion and beauty brands in the industry. It promises to be an unforgettable, must-see event of the season,” said Ailene Torres, executive director, and producer of Rodeo Swim.

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Casa Malka Tequila VIP Lounge, sponsored by  Casa Malka Tequila, will feature signature cocktails such as palomas and other specialty drinks. Additional gift bag sponsors include Feel Great Be Great Lifestyle and several others to be announced in the coming days.

This year’s Rodeo Swim is powered by Ailene Torres, the creator and executive producer of last year’s Pure Fae Swim Week runway show. As the owner of A Plus Events, with over 20 years of experience in creating captivating events, Torres brings her expertise to Miami Swim Week 2024. This year’s Rodeo Swim fashion event will showcase a compelling mix of emerging and established fashion brands, including ANTONIETTA, M A C H Y, newcomer Sinners & Sons, DLOVE, Porshia by Porshia Banks, and Berry Beachy Swimwear. Each brand will debut this season’s most exciting swim and resort wear trends with unique, never-before-seen collections.

Attendees will enjoy an evening of cutting-edge fashion, engaging activities, and networking with Miami’s top media, fashion buyers, celebrities, and influencers. The event at 1111 Lincoln Road offers stunning views of downtown Miami and a night of country glitz and stylish swimwear.

Miami’s renowned DJ Cardi will provide the musical ambiance, while VIP guests will be treated to themed fare, light bites, and cocktails. Details of the exclusive Rodeo Swim afterparty will be shared soon on @Rodeo.Swim’s Instagram profile.

VIP Experiences and Tickets

Elevate your Rodeo Swim experience with VIP tickets, granting access to exclusive perks such as a VIP lounge, premium seating, gift bags, and entry to special pre- and post-show events featuring complimentary refreshments, dinner, and cocktails. VIP attendees will enjoy prime views of the fashion shows, ensuring a unique and opulent experience. With tickets in high demand and limited availability, secure your VIP access for a premier Miami Swim Week event by visiting Rodeo Swim Tickets.