The music industry is giant and it can make even the smaller artists a lot of money. It is full of musicians, promoters, technology and software like, venues, and the list goes on. So, making it big in such a massive industry can be extremely difficult but if anyone from around here can do it, it’s Katie Steel! The South Florida artist may be young, but the inspiration behind her music is wise beyond her years; Steel has developed into a well-rounded musician who has been influenced by gospel superstars like Smokie Norful, blues legend Etta James, and modern-day powerhouse Beyoncé. All of these different muses have helped Katie develop a distinctive style, which sincerely resonates through her powerful vocals. Yet Steel’s talent will truly shine soon; she is currently working on her first album that will consist of original music. In this following interview, Katie gives L’Etage an exclusive look into her upcoming endeavors and the intention behind her music. After getting a sneak peek into Steel’s bright future, we can’t wait to see the great accomplishments this young talent will fulfill in the forthcoming years.


L’Etage: Your bio says your vocals were heavily influenced by Gospel music, but you cover everything from R&B to modern-pop songs. How do these genres influence your musical style?


Katie: When I first started in artist development, I was introduced to a lot of different genres I never thought to explore. Everything from gospel, to R&B, to pop, and even to country and the blues all play a huge role in my musical style. That eclectic exposure to music is my foundation. I’m not afraid to mix different forms of music and because of that, you will hear a distinctive sound that is truly unique.

L’Etage: Without a doubt you have powerful vocals. Are there any particular artists that inspire you to challenge yourself?


Katie: Yes, Beyoncé has been one of my biggest inspirations, both artist and lifestyle wise. I have studied how she managed every facet of her personal life and career. Her entire journey was genius. I long to have a career that is as rewarding. She has made me strive to be a better singer, performer, person and artist.


I want my fans to be inspired to work hard for their dreams. I want them to be uplifted. I want to make them think.


L’Etage: What is the main message you want your fans to receive from your music?


Katie: I mostly love making music about being different, and my journey to becoming a successful artist. When my music is heard, I want people to get the same type of chills and butterflies as I get when listening to my favorite artists. I want my fans to be inspired to work hard for their dreams. I want them to be uplifted. I want to make them think. Most of my music is feel-good, so I love to see people dance and smile while listening to my music. It inspires me to make even more great music.


L’Etage: In ten years time, where do you hope to see yourself in the music industry?


Katie: I want to be touring my third or fourth album. I have always aspired to perform at the Grammy’s. Hopefully by then I will have had several performances and several Grammy Awards. Ten years from now, I want to be traveling and giving back to the world as a philanthropist as well through music.


L’Etage: Do you feel you have a responsibility as a musician to portray a certain message?


Katie: Absolutely. I have always been super strict about what I put on social media because I don’t want my fans to get a false image of who I am. I am constantly putting up pictures of me grinding in the studio or little 15 second covers. I want to be a role model for my fans and followers.

Katie Steel

Photo by Maicol Diaz

L’Etage: Is there a particular quality that you believe makes you unique in this industry?


Katie: I think my style is extremely unique. Everything from my music to my fashion sense. I have a very retro funky look so I wear crazy patterns and bright colors. My hair is half pink and purple. My style of music is also very throwback late 80’s to 90’s feel. Feel good music. Like Janet Jackson back in the day. People should not be boxed in but free to express themselves. That’s what I want people to get out of the unique qualities I express.


L’Etage: You’re currently working on producing an album; what inspired you to create this album and what are you most looking forward to?


Katie: Finding myself as an artist was a big struggle. So now that I know who I am and know what kind of music I want to make, I’m looking forward to sharing it with the world. I have had many struggles on this journey just to get to this point. I know that I have many more to come, but just in this short period of time, I already have a story and I want to share it.


L’Etage: Throughout creating your first album, what has been your most rewarding experience thus far?


Katie: Being able to actually be hands on with my music. I’m there every step of the way through this creative process. I’m in the studio with my production team and songwriters and it is extremely collaborative. Having a team of people who believe in me and are willing to share their gifts through me is an indescribable feeling. Being able to create my music and to see and hear the vision I have been dreaming up for years has definitely been the most rewarding.

You can find more information on Katie by visiting her website at and her Facebook. Follow Katie on Twitter, Instagram, and Periscope @iamkatiesteel.


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Orianna Serrano is a former pre-professional student with Miami City Ballet School, she studied in the elite ballet school for nine years. She is currently attending Miami Dade College and one day hopes to work in the fashion industry.

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