Famous producer and DJ, Keith Shocklee, teamed up with fashion designer, Don Mateo, to spread heart health awareness with style. The duo created a limited-edition collection entitled, “Hip Hop Heart beats” that will debut next week on https://donmateodesigns.com.  Don Mateo’s designs have been described as ‘edgy, streetwear for the pensive artist versed in premium fabrics and fashion’.  

With a new lease on life, Shocklee is excited to collaborate with Don Mateo delivering fashion with a heart. The designer feels honored to be a part of something so powerful and looks forward to more meaningful work with Shocklee.  Don Mateo is no stranger to advocating for a good cause and is a familiar face in the charity world truly believing there is value in giving back.  

Shocklee, the co-founder of “The Bomb Squad” and Public Enemy, was inducted into Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame alongside childhood friends, Chuck D. and Flava Flav, in 2013. Prior to that, Rolling Stone referred to him as “The greatest music producer in hip-hop.” Ronald Regan called him a terrorist. Neither moments commanded more attention than his recent heart attack which rushed him to heart surgery  This came as a surprise. Shocklee has produced multi-platinum artists including: Janet Jackson, LL Cool J, and Ziggy Marley who all expressed concern. Pharrell, an advocate of healthy living, offered Shocklee advice and support shortly after surgery.

Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in both men and women in the US, claiming over 600,000 lives each year.  Don’t break your own heart; remember to visit your doctor for your annual checkup.  It’s never fashionable to be unhealthy.

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