Helena+Troy handbags are revolutionizing the fashion industry as we know it and have flourished across the world of blogging. Credible fashion icons and journalists, such as Leandra Medine of The Manrepeller, among others, have been embracing and promoting the accessory line. Founder, Helena Chraime Mamiye is an innovator of a new aesthetic in fashion and art. Her designs have also been featured in publications ranging from the New York Times to Vogue Japan. In this day in age where non conformity has become conformists,Helena+Troy pieces stand out: you can pick them out of a crowd from a mile away. Their distinct style is filled with detail, chicness and personality, which translates to both an art statement as well as a functional utility. They balance a look that is as fierce and as edgy as they come, while still being dainty and beautiful. All the products of Helena+Troy are hand-made, one of a kind, personalized and made to order.

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All of Helena’s accessories are designed and created in New York, where she was born and raised. The name of her brand, Helena+Troy stems from its legendary source, Helen of Troy. The tale of Helen has inspired the artist, to create a collection of limited edition accessories that represent power, glory and might. Helena sees women wearing her signature collection to be confident twenty first century goddesses. In 2011, Helena, who was an apprentice at the iconic Judith Leiber brand at the time, began producing accessory concepts for Helena+Troy with a mission to create a revolutionary collection that assimilates contrast and irony of visuals: the designs have a signature tough and stagnant graphic appeal that balance and accentuate the lavish femininity. Her innovative method to design led her to discover and create a vision from whimsical and analytical character.  At the core of her designs, you can find Helena’s flair for vintage: her early concepts came from the unforeseen…old school lunch boxes, vintage camera bags and even travel trunks: objects related to utilitarian purpose. The effort and time that Helena puts into every one of her one of kind, custom pieces is truly incredible. She has a full mind of ideas and self-expressions and is constantly striving for the pursuit of perfection. Helena is an artist in every sense of the word: she also happens to be a classically trained oil painter, which shines through in all of her detailed handcrafted designs.

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Helena was recently honored and named “Accessories Designer of the Year” for New York by RAW: natural born artists, a community of creative individuals. Additionally, a best-dressed nominee for NYFW13 has also worn her designs. Helena+Troy strives to continue to signify art as well as fashion, function and luxury. The contemporary art world is vibrant and booming like never before and it’s a twenty-first century phenomenon, a global industry in its own right. Contemporary artists seek the power to astonish, challenge and satisfy: the brand of Helena+Troy achieves all of these things. Helena is as much a skilled professional as a truly gifted and capable human being. She is an artist of fashion, design, photography, writing, marketing, merchandising, and social media. As time goes on Helena will continue to delve deeper into the beautiful world of fashion, beauty and blogging by utilizing a wide range of mediums and materials while taking an intimate approach to art direction and purpose. I for one am looking forward to seeing what Helena accomplishes next!

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Follow her on Instagram and Twitter: @helenaandtroy

Visit her website: www.helenaandtroy.com

For all inquiries email: [email protected]

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/helena.chraime?fref=ts



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Sara Nardea is no stranger to the art world, selling her own paintings and curating exhibitions -- from pop art to abstraction and now to art journalism, she is bringing her New York success to the up-and-coming Miami scene. Sara is now a contributing writer and editor at L'Etage Magazine.

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