The EBH Group left an indelible mark with the unveiling of their highly anticipated project on Allison Island, known as Château Allison. Hosted by EBH founders Aurelie Bard and Annick Timmer, the event marked a significant milestone for the design group, sparking excitement within the industry.

Set against the picturesque backdrop of Miami Beach, the launch event was a luxurious affair, featuring a surprise performance by DJ Khaled and rising star YG Marley, grandson of the legendary Bob Marley. Their joint performance was a standout moment, delighting guests, including Miami Beach’s elite and notable personalities soccer player Clement Diop, and singer Radmila Lolly, among others.

Château Allison spans an impressive 6,600 square feet and showcases a remarkable art collection, boasting works by esteemed artists such as Roman Feral, Ignacio Gana, Van Voorbergen, Lucas Thorik, HongYi Zhuang, Leo Caillard, Julien Marinetti, Christophe Gaignon, Fred Allard, Bruno Catalano, and Gil Bruvel. Throughout the property, the EBH Group’s signature marble work is evident, with exquisite stonework in the bathrooms and meticulous attention to detail.

A highlight of the evening was the unveiling of the “girl cave,” an intimate jewel box room designed as a speakeasy, located off the screening room. The wine collection, curated by Maison Mura, features top Bordeaux wines, paying homage to Aurelie Bard’s French heritage, with prestigious labels like Petrus, Cheval Blanc, Dom Pérignon, and Cristal.

A standout feature of the property is the unique slab marble pool, crafted from exquisite green marble sourced from Brazil, making it the only one of its kind in the United States. Additionally, the house boasts a private gym, a screening room, and a two-story foyer with a sweeping circular staircase, adding to its grandeur.

The event also marked the completion of DJ Khaled’s private airplane hangar, which includes a private reception room designed by Aurelie. DJ Khaled expressed his gratitude to the EBH design group with a heartfelt toast and prayer, commending their creativity, diligence, and exceptional quality of work.

The launch of Château Allison firmly establishes the EBH Group as a prominent presence in the design world, leaving attendees eagerly anticipating their next masterpiece.

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