Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a professional makeup artist, where your job includes making people look more beautiful through knowledge and artistry? Well, Judi Gabbay, AKA @GlossipGirl answers those questions through this comedy spoof of a “Woody-Allen” inspired short-film. In Judi’s 10 years of working as a makeup artist, she has heard it all… And loved every second of it. This short film is a comedic take on her experience as a serious makeup artist. Judi Gabbay is well known by her 22 thousand makeup fans on her Instagram for being one of the most talented and entertaining makeup artists around, being flown all over the world to professionally apply makeup for events and organizations and personally sharing all of her experiences through her social media outlets.


Now, Judi Gabbay has teamed up with film producer, Andy Mizrahi of Old Farm Productions to create this short film, which has old-school comedic themes throughout the skit, creating a modern-day standup routine. Judi’s makeup artistry can be seen everywhere from Vogue Italia, Seventeen Magazine, Nylon, Elle, Marie Claire to countless others. Some of her clients also include Catherine Malandrino, Mac Miller, ELF Cosmetics and more. Judi is an artist in every sense of the word and her artistic talents translate through her comedy and film production. Judi Gabbay, herself wrote the screenplay, acted and even co-directed the short film. The video is comedic, creative, and instructive as well as entertaining. Judi had a blast making this video, which features the production of @andcredible_miz and acting of @saranardea.


The contemporary art world is vibrant and booming like never before and it’s a twenty-first-century phenomenon, a global industry in its own right. Contemporary artists seek the power to astonish, challenge and surprise: the legend of Judi Gabbay’s artistry and film production achieve all of these things. She showcases artwork in the form of makeup and film that the public may not ordinarily have access to outside of a large urban environment within a welcoming, creative, and inspirational platform. Judi is a true artist not only of makeup and comedy but also of photography, videography, design and artistic interpretation. As time goes on Judi will perpetually continue to blog about her makeup masterpieces: delving deeper into the beautiful world of entertainment and blogging by utilizing a wide range of mediums and taking an intimate approach to art direction and design. Judi is currently working on writing more screenplays for future short films and we will all be looking forward to what she accomplishes next with her limitless talent and creativity.


Visit her website: JudiGabbay.com
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Sara Nardea is no stranger to the art world, selling her own paintings and curating exhibitions -- from pop art to abstraction and now to art journalism, she is bringing her New York success to the up-and-coming Miami scene. Sara is now a contributing writer and editor at L'Etage Magazine.

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