The Junior Board is a group of youths striving to bring together, improve, enlighten and educate their community. The Junior Board’s mission is to have creative events where our community members can enjoy being all together as well as show off their talents through performance and art. The events are alcohol-free and are part of a movement, which encourages our community to have safe and healthy lifestyles that demonstrate how they can have fun without the use of alcohol.  This past Saturday night, in Deal New Jersey, was the most recent event where the Junior Board and the Safe Foundation organized a night of performance and art on the beach. Bonfires were scattered all around the beach where people sipped on coconuts and ate barbecue while enjoying live performance acts, which included poetry, comedy, and music. Tents were up, displaying an eclectic art exhibition of 40 art pieces by young artists in the community. A live auction was held for the art and proceeds of the art went to the Safe Foundation. The event was a total hit, hosting close to 700 people and spreading the movement of promoting clean and healthy lifestyles for our community.

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The Junior Board started 2 years ago and the idea came from Eddie Gindi, who was involved with the 9/11 charity, which provides aid and relief to the families of those who had passed away in the World trade Center attack.  After several years, the charity grew and a Junior Board was founded by young members, who were children of the 9/11 attack. Today, they are all grown-ups giving back and helping other children who have also lost parents in different terrorist attacks in our country. As time goes on, the Junior Boards will continue to grow and do more good for their communities through raising money and awareness with their events and other creative endeavors.

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