On June 9th, 2023, in Honor of their 20th Anniversary, Maaji makes a bold entrance at Miami Swim Week® – The Shows, introducing the enthralling “House of Jaguar” Resort 2024 Collection. Sponsored this year by Hotel Greystone located in Miami Beach, the Maaji show perfectly embodied the vibrant essence of Miami. The collection was inspired by the mystical territory of the Jaguar, aligning the brand’s creative direction with the enigmatic allure of this regal creature.

The brand showcased a captivating range of women’s and men’s animal and tropical-themed beachwear, infusing the runway with bright and fun colors. From radiant pink, mustard, ink black, and scarlet red to fair aqua and blue, Maaji’s collection boasted an array of solid hues that radiated energy and playfulness. Complementing the solid colors were various prints, including jaguar, floral, ombre, and more, adding a touch of wild allure to the lineup.

High-cut pieces took center stage, stealing the spotlight in two-piece and one-piece styles, as well as flowy dresses, skirts, long-sleeved tops, and men’s shorts. Described as must-have statement pieces, the beachwear proposal included easy-to-style cabana sets, mesh dresses, tie-dye designs, and sunset-shade ensembles. The Maaji Team expressed their vision, stating, “Our beachwear proposal was made out of must-have statement pieces, from easy-to-style cabana sets to mesh dresses, tie-dye, and sunset-shade pieces.”

An unforgettable moment awaited at the finale, as a life-size jaguar puppet adorned in collection prints gracefully made its way down the runway. This remarkable spectacle cemented “The House of Jaguar” as one of the week’s most remarkable highlights.

In their commitment to becoming a fully sustainable brand, Maaji’s Resort 2024 Collection utilized 85% of fabrics made from recycled fibers, showcasing their dedication to eco-conscious fashion. Additionally, the collection featured reversible swimwear pieces, offering endless mix-and-match possibilities.

With their vibrant designs, dedication to sustainability, and show-stopping moments, Maaji continues to captivate and inspire, leaving a lasting impression on the industry and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Photo by Thomas Concordia/Getty Images for Miami Swim Week – The Shows