Wanna peek at what the ‘one percenters’ splurge on during their superyacht shopping sprees?

Then set your sights on Monaco for the last week of September next year. Dive into the annual Monaco Yacht Show, an extravagant display at Port Hercule. It’s the crowning glory of all boat shows, outshining anything from the Mediterranean to Miami. Can’t wait? Well, keep reading for a little teaser.

Flashback to Monaco Yacht Show 2022:


Entry to the show will cost you around $635 per day, and that’s without factoring in airfare to the exclusive enclave of Monte-Carlo or covering accommodation and food. The silver lining? You can admire the superyachts on display, collectively worth about $4.3 billion, from a distance. However, purchasing a show ticket doesn’t guarantee you access to board these vessels. Only bona fide buyers receive appointments to step onto the gangplanks of these magnificent yachts at the Monaco Yacht Show. But fear not, we’re here to lift the veil and offer you a glimpse of what the Monaco Yacht Show 2023 had in store. The event, presided over by H.S.H. Prince Albert II, recently concluded its 32nd edition.


The Monaco Yacht Show is akin to Art Basel, where only the crème de la crème of global galleries are invited. This year, the show featured 560 meticulously chosen exhibitors, epitomizing excellence and innovation in the yachting industry. A notable fleet of 117 superyachts graced the event, including 3 impressive catamarans. Among these vessels, 45 were freshly launched in 2023, making their global debut in Monaco. The showcase also included 6 limousine-like tenders and 2 extraordinary submarines. But it wasn’t just about the sea; the event also featured 30 unique cars and motorcycles, as well as 2 substantial helicopters for elite travel by land or air, and a variety of water toys for the discerning enthusiast.


The number of billionaires worldwide is at an all-time high, with newer and younger billionaires emerging every year. Many of these newcomers are eager to select their pleasure craft, either for privacy or for show. These younger buyers bring a fresh mindset, distinct from that of the old-money generations. While some still subscribe to the belief that bigger is better, many are seeking new features in their floating mansions, and some are even conscious of preserving the oceans and the planet.


Superyachts are those measuring over 24 meters (80 feet), while megayachts stretch 100 meters (328 feet) or more. For a sense of scale, gigayachts are comparable in length to a football field. However, even with a superyacht, megayacht, or gigayacht, there’s a limit to the space in their ‘garage’, typically designated for tenders and recreational equipment. For those with extensive collections, including submarines, a ‘shadow ship’ might be necessary. This vessel follows the main superyacht, carrying all the extra gear. Sometimes, one superyacht just isn’t enough!

A little yacht trivia: yachts are referred to as female, hence the use of “she” or “her”. And M/Y simply stands for “Motor Yacht”.

Superyachts are constructed in shipyards primarily across Europe, the Middle East, Far East, and America. Germans, like Lurssen, specialize in the largest yachts, while the Dutch, such as Feadship, are known for their class. Italians bring style, Turks like Bilgin are rising with their craftsmanship, and the Polish are advancing, especially with catamarans and electric watercraft.

Yacht buyers of new builds are often deeply involved from start to finish, providing shipyards with wish lists to turn their dreams into reality. Preferences vary widely: Middle Eastern royalty may opt for opulence, others for minimalism. Some seek an indoor/outdoor lifestyle on the sea, while adventurous spirits commission ‘Explorer’ yachts, designed for more rugged use.




“Phoenix II

The grandest vessels showcased at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show hailed from the German shipyard Lurssen. Among them were Carinthia VII (92 meters or 318 feet, built in 2002) and Phoenix II (90 meters or 295 feet, built in 2010). “I am very proud that after building Carinthia VII, we have now been able to participate in her new lease on life with an extensive refit,” says Lürssen Managing Partner Peter Lürssen. “She remains a very particular vessel and is a testament to the solidity of our German engineering and manufacture.” For the first time in her 21-year history, Carinthia VII is now also available for charter.

Phoenix II, built by Lurssen shipyard and designed by Winch, is currently on the market for $132 million, offered by brokerage Cecil Wright. Originally constructed for Jan Kulczyk, the wealthiest man in Poland, the yacht is now available for resale. The design of Phoenix II’s exterior and interior was inspired by Manhattan’s art deco opulence. It accommodates seven cabins for 14 guests, along with 28 crew members. Features include a lap pool, two jacuzzis, a gym, spa, hammam, beauty salon, wine cave, bourbon bar, screening room, ballroom, a Steinway piano, a duplex owner’s suite, and two helipads. Adorning the bow is a stainless-steel Phoenix sculpture, echoing the eagles atop New York City’s Chrysler Building.

For those hesitant to invest the entire $132 million, chartering is an alternative. A week aboard Phoenix II costs about $1.22 million, excluding fuel, food, drinks, taxes, mooring, dock fees, and tips. Thus, an all-inclusive weekly charter can reach approximately $1.6 million.




This elegant 274-foot (83.5-meter) Feadship, constructed in 2015, holds the distinction of being the first hybrid superyacht. It features a pioneering electro-mechanical propulsion platform that cuts fuel consumption by 30 percent. Another distinctive attribute is its underwater lounge. She truly is a beauty.



Several brands fall under The Italian Sea Group including Admiral for superyachts over 164 feet or 50 meters, Tecnomar, for sporty, high-performance yachts up to 148 feet or 45 meters, Perini Navi, for large sailing vessels and Picchiotti Yacht for historic Italian yachts. They are headquartered near the ports of Marina di Carrara, Viareggio and La Specia in Italy.  The Italian Sea Group has formed partnerships with Giorgio Armani for a series of yachts bearing his signature and Lamborghini for the Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63’ limited edition series.  

The Italian Sea Group had several showstoppers at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show. 

The Italian Sea Group show overview:

“This is It” by Tecnomar

Their 43-meter or 141 feet catamaran called “This is It” built by Tecnomar was probably the most WOW yacht at the show.  No press photos or videos were allowed so all we can say is WOW!!!!  You must see it to appreciate it.  The organic curves and shapes were simply spectacular.  And the owner’s bed open to the sea was amazing!

“Art Explorer” by Perini Navi

Art Explorer is the world’s largest sailing catamaran.  It has been crafted as a floating art museum boat with capacity for up to 2000 visitors per day. This is the first of its kind in the world, and quite a revolutionary concept that will be open to the public in each port of call.  It was constructed in Italy’s Perini Navi shipyard. 

“Kensho” by Admiral

Award-winning Kensho was built to maximize life on the water using asymmetry, integrating outside living areas and spaces in unexpected places.  Its unique seafoam pastel green color made her a stand-out at the show along with her sleek lines of beauty. 

“Tecnomar for Lamborghini”

This limited edition 63’ series offers extraordinary performance and avant-guard style.

“Admiral Armani”

The luxurious Admiral-Armani 72-meter or 236 foot megayacht was designed entirely by Giorgio Armani, whose unmistakable style is immediately recognizable in both the exterior lines and the refined interiors.


Today, Rossinavi is the only family-owned and operated superyacht company in Italy.  It was founded by brothers Claudio and Paride Rossi in the 1980’s in the Tuscan town of Viareggio as metal workers.  The Rossinavi brand was officially created in 2007.  Federico Rossi, COO of Rossinavi commented, “Sustainability is becoming a core value in the yacht industry.  Our designs reflect this dedication, integrating environmentally friendly technologies without compromising luxury or performance. This is a real and measurable impact.”


The unveiling of Alchemy was another show highlight, a tri-deck diesel electric superyacht at 65.7 meters or 215.5 feet.  She was built by Italian shipyard, Rossinavi in collaboration with Philippe-Briand’s London-based design studio, Vitruvius for the exterior and Enrico Gobbi, Team for Design for the interiors and outdoor spaces.  Alchemy’s silhouette is all about proportioned balance and exudes tranquility.  “Spa Mood” was the keyword for the interior design and exterior décor, with natural materials, soft colors, and essential shapes.  The owner became a full member of the design team. The main amenities include a jacuzzi, numerous sun pads, a bar, entertainment areas, barbecue, and al fresco dining.  There is also a monumental, suspended staircase taking center stage in the main salon with glass steps between white Carrara marble.  The Beach Club is at the welcome area and the garage is big enough for a wide array of equipment from paddleboards to windsurfers, from water skis to two tenders, water slides, inflatable docks, and mountain bikes for exploration trips on land. 


Founded in 1994 by Luca Bassani, always revolutionary in ground-breaking innovations, this year the talk was about their new wallyrocket51 launching in 2024.  It’s aimed to be fast, fun, smart and revolutionary, capable of securing podium positions in regattas worldwide. 



Bilgin Yachts, the Istanbul based boutique shipyard known for commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and sustainability, proudly unveiled two remarkable superyachts, Leona (80 meters or 263 feet) and Kasif (42 meters or 138 feet) this year at the Monaco Yacht Show.  Bilgin has been a family-run business for five generations since the early 1900’s.


Leona emerges as the second jewel in Bilgin Yacht’s illustrious 80-meter Bilgin 263 series, following the resounding success of the first unit, Tatiana.  Leona built for a Saudi Royal, exudes opulence at every turn with lots and lots of gold décor.  It has a distinctive red and white exterior making it stand out from others at sea or in port.  Bilgin collaborated with Antalya based Unique Yacht Design for naval architecture and exterior design along with H2 Yacht Design for interiors.  The superyacht has five interconnecting decks.  Leona’s lower deck boasts an extraordinary beach club adorned with Greek statues, a mesmerizing, blue-tiled swimming pool, and fiber-optic ceiling that mirrors a starlit sky.  The main salon features a captivating tiger onyx island fireplace while the main stair lobby houses an impressive bubble tank. There is also a large cinema with incredible acoustics, a wellness room, hookah room, and futuristic gym.   The superyacht encompasses eco-friendliness and sustainability which are core attributes of the Bilgin 263 series. 


The sporty Kasif in the 50-meter series, marks a milestone as the first vessel from the new Antalya facility for Bilgin Yachts.   The name Kasif means ‘explorer’ in Turkish.  Unique Yacht Design did the naval architecture and exteriors while Hot Lab created the interiors. 


Based in Antalya, Turkey, ARES Shipyard founded in 2006, by the Kalafatoglu family unveiled its new superyacht brand at the Monaco Yacht Show called ARES YACHTS.  ARES shipyard Chairman, Kerim Kalafatoglu remarked, “We have already been recognized as being both Turkey’s fastest growing company and its largest exporter of military and commercial vehicles.  This makes it the perfect time for us to expand our offering and show the superyacht industry what we are capable of.  Whether It’s a sleek and modern superyacht or a majestic ocean explorer, we aim to redefine what is possible on the big blue.”


The Polish are making a name for themselves in the Superyacht world lately.  A few standouts include Sunreef Yachts, Sialia Yachts and Conrad Yachts

We caught up at the Monaco Yacht Show with Polish PR pro, Karolina Paszkiewicz of Luxury Consulting Group who had this to say: “The Polish yacht industry is known as one of the most dynamically developing in Europe and in the world. We excel in the production of smaller boats, but we also have stars such as the Conrad shipyard, which builds top-class superyachts. Conrad showcased their latest flagship yacht, the Conrad C144s ACE, during the Monaco Yacht Show, which is one of the biggest sensations of this season. Measuring 144 feet, it is the largest vessel built in Poland. It was designed by Andrew Langton, with naval architecture by Diana Yacht Design and interior by m2 atelier. ACE is a gem in the crown and a great success for the Polish yacht industry.  Polish shipyards also offer innovations, eco-friendly propulsion systems, excellent design and craftsmanship. There are several stars that are making a lot of noise and will soon be on everyone’s lips in the industry.”


Sunreef is a leader in building electric catamarans in Gdansk, Poland.  Tennis super star Rafael Nadal is fan of Sunreef and had an 80-foot commissioned for himself.   They are growing rapidly worldwide and have opened new offices in both Ft. Lauderdale and Dubai. 


Siala Yachts, founded in 2017 is an emerging Polish shipbuilder, but the most innovative brand now in Poland with a passion for sustainability, crafting eco-friendly fully electric vessels.  They aim to offer green luxury experiences that put the environment first.  What sets them apart is their partnership with AMPROS, which led to the development of state-of-the-art electron propulsion system.  It reduces noise and exhaust emissions and offers an alternative to fuel-powered vessels. They build a range of boats including weekenders, cruisers, and day boats.  Their Sialia 57 is their top contender designed by Dutch designer, Denis PopovSialia 59 carbon electric yachts are their newest baby.  Sialia leader, Stanislav Szadkowski shared his vision, “Our vision at Sialia Yachts is to create extraordinary masterpieces that seamlessly merge exceptional naval architecture with groundbreaking electric propulsion technology.”



As mentioned above, Ace is the biggest boat built to date in Poland and was showcased this year in Monaco.  


Presenting a new concept that is a hybrid between cruise ship sailing and yacht chartering, Four Seasons Yachts plans to break the mold for luxury travelers wanting to explore the seas.  During a cocktail presentation at Hermitage Hotel in Monaco, a model was displayed of the first Four Seasons Yacht which will feature 95 suites with extensive terrace decks.  The biggest suite called The Funnel Suite will have four levels comprised of 9,500 square feet or 898 square meters of combined indoor/outdoor living space.  The inaugural season will be 2025/2026.  A Miami based dream team is behind this Four Seasons Yacht concept.  Former Miami Beach Mayor, Philip Levine and Four Seasons Surfside developer, Nadim Ashl of Fort Partners founded and conceived the concept.  Larry Pimentel, President & CEO of Marc-Henry Cruise Holdings, LTD, will oversea the operations.  Fincantieri, one of the world’s largest shipbuilding groups with over 230 years of history and more than 7,000 ships built, is handling the build of Four Seasons Yachts.  Four Seasons currently operates 126 hotels and resorts and 53 residential properties in 47 countries.  Four Seasons Yachts is the latest addition to the brand’s world-class offerings that also already include Four Seasons Private Jet Experience, Drive Experience, and the Four Seasons At Home Collection.



The Monaco Yacht Show Sustainability Hub returned this year.  It serves as an incubator for innovative and eco-friendly solutions.  The show itself is dedicated to achieving carbon neutrality. It aims to reduce its CO2 emissions by 60% by 2025 compared to 2022.  This goal aligns with the Principality of Monaco’s low-carbon trajectory, aiming to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

John Pizzardini, Head of Communications and Media for Monaco Yacht Show said that in the past sustainability was optional.  “Now solutions are more viable and tangible.  And the mindset has changed. It turned from an optional development into the building of a yacht, to an essential component of the building of a yacht today.”

It’s worth noting that superyachts account for less than .3% of carbon emissions generated by all types of vessels worldwide.  

The “A Green Commitment” series is co-produced by the Monaco Yacht Show and  It highlights the innovations of shipyards and their sustainable solutions. 



There is also the Design and Innovation Hub that was first introduced in 2021.  Here show attendees can engage with the visionaries behind the superyacht masterpieces.


The Adventure Area was introduced in 2022.  It is dedicated to adventure, exploration, and leisure activities with a yacht.  Today yacht enthusiasts want to drive all-terrain vehicles at the North Pole, embark on underwater excursions, explore secluded islands via tenders, enjoy la dolce vita in the Med, indulge in personalized tours of historical and cultural sites along the coast, encounter wildlife while preserving their ecosystems, and even engage in scientific research during a charter. 


Private parties were hosted nightly at the Monaco Yacht Club.  High points this year included the Nammos party with the Swedish House Mafia performance rocking the house down!  And the annual Lurssen party called “Endless Summer” that closes the show, had a Bollywood theme this year.

And always, everywhere during the Monaco Yacht Show there is lots of champagne and a variety of other liquid libations at various yacht stands and aboard beautiful superyachts.  Comte de Monte-Carlo, the official champagne of the Monaco Yacht Show, had their own dedicated stand with free-flowing bubbles each afternoon just in time for Happy Hour!



Blue Marine Foundation is a UK ocean conservation charity founded in 2010 to restore the ocean to health by addressing overfishing, one of the world’s biggest environmental problems.  Two annual fundraisers coincided with the Monaco Yacht Show.


This epic 1,100km bike ride with 100+ cyclists through seven countries raises money and awareness for the Blue Marine Foundation.  It was co-founded with Winch Design in 2016.  The cyclists started in London at Somerset House and ended at the Palace in Monaco where H.S.H. Prince Albert of Monaco welcomed them with a champagne arrival.  Here a bespoke Blue Marine Electric MOKE was gifted by Peter Lurssen of Lurssen Yachts to The Prince.


On Thursday evening of the Monaco Yacht Show, Blue Marine Yacht Club (BMYC) and the club’s founding patron, H.S.H. Prince Albert II, hosted a charity event onboard Lurssen superyacht, Phoenix 2 designed by Winch Design. An array of auction items including 30 electric, limited edition Blue Marine MOKES were auctioned to raise funds for Blue Marine Foundation to help with their goal to have 30 per cent of the ocean highly protected by 2030. 


This year was the inaugural year for “The Honours”, to celebrate the people of superyachting and their stories.  It seeks to recognize those who have made outstanding contributions or helped propel the industry forward to a more responsible, sustainable, and caring future. It was organized by the Monaco Yacht Show and The Superyacht Life Foundation.  The 360 nominations were narrowed down to 3 winners honored at the inaugural Honours gala held during the Monaco Yacht Show. 

Here are the winners’ inspiring stories.

Wendy Schmidt, 11th Hour Racing

A latecomer to sailing, recipient of the inaugural Honours awards and yacht owner Wendy Schmidt nonetheless showed a natural talent for helming and an affinity with the sea, and as her passion grew, so did her determination to put her philanthropic weight behind ocean science and sustainability. 

Zoran Selakovic, Yacht Aid Global

From passionate yacht skipper and business strategy consultant to Director at YachtAid Global, Zoran Selakovic has seen the suffering of coastal communities, and the help that the superyacht community is determined to deliver. 

Jenny Matthews, She of the Sea, Legasea

Inspired by a conversation with a neighbor, Jenny Matthews set out to break the mold and become a superyacht captain, founding She of the Sea and Legasea on the way.

Finishing our insider tour of the Monaco Yacht Show with the ‘do-gooders’ is a good place to end.

So, remember the oceans are for everyone.  So, let’s all take proactive measures to protect them. Amen!

Until next year, when we gather again on the royal rock…au revoir!