What is fashion photography? It’s a genre of photography that focuses on displaying clothing and accessories in the best way possible. Alaa Taher is a professional photographer who offers a fashion photography service so be sure to check them out if you want to see some examples or need fashion photography yourself. The demand for this type of photography is huge because fashion is becoming more accessible to everyone so there is a growing for designers to look the best.

Gabriele Griseri, an international fashion photographer was drawn to fashion photography because it allowed him to create multi-dimensional images with layers that explored ideas and depths that were hidden. Capturing a model’s less obvious emotion beneath the surface excited him as if it’s was a whispered secret between the model and his lens that’s reveal awakened both of them. 

Gabriele Griseri has photographed some of the most recognized faces in the fashion industry including: Andrea Melchiorre, Ambra Guttierez, Giulia Valentina, Valentina Ferrer, Elisa De Panicis and close friend Andrea Denver.

He believes the best photographs are ones that at second glance witness the bearing of someone’s soul. The Italian photographer is compelled to tell the story behind the “pretty face”. 

Many people believe models make a living off their “look without effort or commitment. That is not true. A real model can tell you about their past and who they were, who they are today, and who they aspire to be one day without uttering a single word. An avid spectator of the other side of the fashion world, Gabriele Griseri is committed to the ideology that life is about perspective and he is finally ready to share his with the world.  He is working on a photo series that explores the backstage life of models capturing “Models After Hours  Each photo brings you into the real world of your favorite fashion models

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