Philippe Shangti expresses his imagination through his bold and provocative art that has ultimately given birth to his futuristic and out-of-standard artistic concepts. Through his series of photographic artworks such as “Art vs Drugs,” “Luxury Overdose,” “No Prostitution Here” or “No Pollution Here, he skillfully manages to denounce serious causes by sublimating important messages. 

His art comes in a variety of photographs, artistic concepts, and limited-edition sculptures. Pieces by Philippe Shangti range in price from $10k to $40k. 

Philippe Shangti just had a sold-out show at Bel-Air Fine Art in Courchevel, France, one of the world’s most exclusive and renowned galleries in the world. Additional galleries where Philippe showcases are: Art Angels, Guy Hepner, Presta Art, Red Gallery, Soho Gallery Mallorca, Lyons Gallery, Cm Art Invest, Injoy Gallery, Daville Baillie and Barolos & Costes Gallery.