Miami, FL – Kiki Barth, known for her role in “Real Housewives of Miami,” recently caught the attention of onlookers with her radiant presence alongside Lily Chandra, a respected holistic beauty expert and founder of Brahmi Skincare Whistler. The skincare brand is celebrated for its sustainable practices and inclusive approach, seamlessly blending beauty with spiritual wellness.

Exuding a luminous glow, Barth shared a post-treatment selfie following her experience with Chandra’s renowned COSMETIC ENERGY HEALING® FACIAL. This transformative treatment not only promises skin rejuvenation but also aims to stimulate the heart chakra and uplift the soul, embodying Chandra’s holistic beauty philosophy.

In her selfie, Barth proudly displayed Chandra’s vegan Divine Rose skincare range, an integral part of her treatment regimen. The Divine Rose Face Cream, Face Serum, Lip Plumping Balm, and 11:11 Magic Balm highlight Brahmi Skincare Whistler’s commitment to providing vegan, sustainable beauty solutions.

Barth’s embrace of these holistic beauty practices underscores a growing trend towards mindful and integrated skincare routines. Through her collaboration with Lily Chandra, Barth highlights the value of treatments that nourish both the skin and the spirit, positioning Brahmi Skincare Whistler as a leader in this evolving beauty movement.

This encounter signifies a significant shift towards a more mindful beauty approach, where wellness and sustainability are at the forefront.

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