In 2005, Regina Tseikhin launched The Beauty Box in West Hollywood, CA, establishing a landmark in the beauty retail industry. This high-end beauty supply and apothecary retailer quickly gained recognition for its focus on emerging brands. Tseikhin expanded her venture into online retail the same year, broadening the brand’s accessibility and reach.

The Beauty Box is distinguished by Tseikhin’s selective curation of products from the US and Europe, prioritizing quality, sustainability, and innovation. The store’s portfolio spans a wide range of luxury products, including cosmetics, skincare, hair care, nail care, home accessories, and candles.

A key component of The Beauty Box’s growth strategy is Tseikhin’s collaborations with beauty brands to extend their reach across brick-and-mortar outlets, the brand’s website, and an Amazon account, including Amazon Live. Her expertise in backend engineering, keyword optimization, and artistic video production has been pivotal in promoting these brands on Amazon.

The store boasts hero products such as Olivia Garden’s Nanothermic Ceramic Round Brush ($28.95); Cosmedica’s Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum ($23.95); Baobab Collection’s Vezo Andriva Max 24 Candle ($398); Kai’s Eau de Parfum ($80); Kiara Sky’s Beyond Pro Rechargeable Led Lamp Vol. II – Blue ($235); and Cinema Secrets Pro Cosmetics’ Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner, Vanilla 32 Oz ($45). Additionally, set kits are available on their website

Tseikhin expresses immense pride in the ethos and success of The Beauty Box, particularly highlighting its female-driven workforce. “I am so pleased that we are a female-driven company with 90% of our employees being women. We came from starting a brick-and-mortar to expanding into a thriving online business, as well as becoming experts in Amazon sales for brands. I am truly so thankful,” she says.

Tseikhin, a shopper, mom, employer, and entrepreneur, has become a key figure in brand growth, thinking creatively and strategically. She shares her innovative approach: “I have always had an innovative mind. I constantly ask myself, ‘How can I enhance the appeal of my items to attract more consumers?’ One strategy is transforming single items into sets of three, offering them at discounted prices, and packaging them as gifts. This has always been a win for me,” revealing her unique business acumen and commitment to her brand’s development.