VANA Laser Club is offering laser services for $99 a month on any part of your body that includes non-invasive body contouring.

Owner Nicole Stern says the deal is true.

When you join VANA Laser Club for $99 a month, membership gets you unlimited laser treatments. You’ll also get access to other sweet benefits such as IPL photo facial, laser hair removal, tattoo removal and salt room access.

What’s the catch? You can only book one service per day, says VANA Laser Club’s website.

If, on the third month, you decide to continue your VANA Laser Club membership for the remainder of the year, you’ll pay a fee of $149.

Stern wants to help women look their best at an affordable cost. “From my personal experiences I recognized the need for a member-focused practice that was affordable and that would exceed our customers’ expectations,” she says. It is noted that some people who have body image issues want to do something a bit more permanent to make them feel good about themselves. This includes looking into clinics that do plastic surgery in Denver or this type of surgery wherever they are based. Whichever route they decide to go down it should always be what they want, whether that be laser body contouring or plastic surgery.

Stern describes the typical VANA Laser Club member as a client that has always wanted to utilize these services but is hesitant because of the barrier of high price.

How Does It Work?

When it comes to creating a customized service plan for your problem areas, the staff at VANA Laser Club will assist you. You’ll learn how to combine services and the frequency you should use them.

Each service has its own unique set of guidelines, says VANA Laser Club’s website. For example, if you want to buy two different services for the same area, you’d only be able to get one service since each area requires a two to four week rest period for proper healing, says VANA Laser Club’s website.

Behind The Scenes

VANA Laser Club is a 1300 square feet facility that’s a new addition on Bay Road, marking March 1 as its grand opening (Valentine’s Day was its soft opening).

Upon entering the black and white med spa you’re greeted by a hanging whicker bubble chair and rock furniture and most importantly a salt booth. There are four state of the art treatment rooms. You can park in the municipal parking garage on Bay Road or along the street parking.

The salt booth’s floor is covered with salt rocks, infused with salt and salt-lined walls. One 15 minute sit in the salt booth where a salt mist routinely sprays the atmosphere with (you guessed it) salt has anti-flammatory and antibacterial benefits. You can treat issues related to asthma, sinus, eczema and psoriasis through continuous sessions.

The facility’s high tech skincare devices include GentleMax Pro, VelaShape III, XEO LaserGenesis, TruSculpt, and PicoWay Resolve.

Which Service Is Right For You?

GentleMax Pro: This laser eliminates facial and leg veins; removes unwanted facial hair and clears your skin of sun damage and unwanted age spots.

XEO LaserGenesis: Reverses the signs of aging before they start by restoring your skin’s health. This laser helps with fine lines, acne scars, skin tightening, dark spot removals, shrinking large pores and reducing the appearance of cellulite.

TruSculpt: A nonsurgical, no downtime procedure that uses therapeutic heat to targets problem areas on the body that are resistant to diet and exercise, like cellulite. TruSculpt is effective for reducing bulge in your back or abdomen along with flabby arms. “Two to four treatment sessions spaced four to 6 weeks apart is recommended to achieve optimal results.

VelaShape III: This non-invasive body contouring is preferred for larger areas such as your thighs, waist and love handles.

PicoWay Resolve: Uses a 1064 laser so you can have clear, even tone skin. It treats freckles, fine lines, large pores, age spots, and hyper pigmentation. PicoWay Resolve is also used for tattoo removal. It also uses a 532 laser that attacks colors such as red and brown in your skin to treat rosacea, dark spots, melasma and acne scars.

How Can VANA Laser Club Benefit You?

VANA Laser Club services can treat issues such as sun spots, uneven pigmentation, loose skin, wrinkles, fine lines, enlarged pores, cellulite, rosacea and tattoo removal.

If you want a smaller waist by summer, you should consider laser sculpting with VelaShape III, a laser machine that uses infrared radio frequency and vaccuum suction to melt the outer coating of your fat cells.

VelaShape III For Body Contouring

Martin says 15 minutes of consistently using VelaShape III for body contouring will help you in your journey to a smaller waist (or any other body part). VelaShape III’s short treatment session time makes for zero downtime.

VelaShape III is the leading non-invasive treatment to reduce the appearance of cellulite that’s cleared by the Food & Drug Administration. You can get rid of persistent cellulite in your thighs, butt and abdomen.

A client’s before and after photo after using VelaShape III. Photo courtesy of Syneron Candela.

Martin recommends getting the procedure every two weeks within an 8 week time frame for optimal results for a leaner abdomen or waist. The reason behind this time cycle is that it takes 8 weeks for your lymphatic system to flush itself.

According to a September 2012 study by Kelton Market Research, VelaShape III led to a reduction of one whole dress size with one treatment.

“In a VelaShape III clinical study of 42 patients an average abdominal circumference reduction of 2.6 cm was recorded post 10 weeks following a single treatment,” says Ruthie Amir, M.D., Global Vice President of Clinical Affairs. “Within the same study, we uncovered that 100 percent of the patients responded to the single treatment protocol with an abdominal circumference reduction of at a least 1.5 cm, with results seen as early as two weeks.”

A client’s before and after photo after using VelaShape III. Photo courtesy of Syneron Candela.

Stern agrees with the results. “If you do proper lifestyle changes, your results can be as dramatic as a tummy tuck,” she says. Stern recommends post procedure to drinking a lot of water and exercising to expedite the process.

VelaShape III is a bi-polar radio frequency machine that melts fat cells. It makes it easier for your lymphatic system to eliminate fat.

Martin says VelaShape III is a more efficient treatment compared to other body contouring devices on the market.

The 15 minute procedure, which is akin to a deep-tissue massage, may leave a reddish or pinkish appearance for several hours afterwards. “The area that appears red is holding on to the fat cells longer,” Stern says. “Don’t be alarmed–just continue drinking water and exercising” she says. Stern says its unnecessary to cool the skin with products. “Just let the area cool off naturally,” she says.

A client’s before and after photo after using VelaShape III. Photo courtesy of Syneron Candela.

“The machine’s target temperature is 43C,” Stern says. “It’s proven to break down fat cells at this setting.”

Stern says the device’s suction ability makes a difference, too. “It helps to tighten your skin,” Stern says.

While the results of VelaShape III are not permanent, if you continue your sessions coupled with regular exercise and eating a healthy diet that includes a large intake of water, you’ll get the figure you desire.

VANA Laser Club plans to open locations in Mary Brickell Village, Aventura and Delray Beach by the end of the year.

Location: 1800 Bay Road #102 in Miami Beach.

Telephone number: (305) 986-3823

For more information: VANA Laser Club.

Photo credit: Before and after photos are courtesy of and photos of VANA Laser Club are courtesy of TARA, Ink.