Many Valentine’s gift ideas you see these days are so simple and cheap. Heart-shaped gifts, generic Valentine’s chocolates… you know your love needs something a little more personal. You could gift them some personal photographs by hiring a Colorado Springs boudoir photographer, or something absolutely luxourious. If cost is no limit for you and your significant other, check out our list below of the most expensive luxury gifts to get him or her for Valentine’s Day.


It’s no secret that a good smell can be seriously attractive – indeed, it’s frequently named one of the top reasons why ment should wear perfume. When it comes to fragrance, take your guy’s cologne collection to the next level. Ditch his $40 bottle of ubiquitous cologne for a more unique yet manly scent just in time for Valentine’s Day. Created from start to finish by Aregentinian chemist and artist Julian Bedel, Fueguia 1833 is for the man who likes distinction as each crystal bottle comes in a wooden cigar box. Make your guy smell like a million bucks with artisanal cologne brand, Fueguia 1833 that carries over 95 limited-edition luxury unisex scents. Popular with financial-types and globetrotters, the collection sticks to aromatic families such as gardenia, jasmine, vanilla, and dulce de leche while mixing core notes such as agarwood, sandalwood, leather for a masculine yet seductive fragrance.

Fueguia Amalia Gourmand

Fueguia Amalia Gourmand

Shop: Fueguia Amalia Gourmand

Cost: $319


When it comes to a statement handbag, gift your beloved a purse from BON SACH, a German luxury brand whose creations rival works of art. BON SACH creates sophisticated pieces such as totes, clutches, and satchels using high quality leather such as American deer, crocodile, python, alligator and calf. The German brand takes luxury to a whole other level with embellishments made from fur, onyx and diamonds. With bag prices ranging from $900 for a Perle Day Clutch to $87,000 for the Elfe Clutch, the brand caters exclusively to the 1 percent sect. BON SACH handbags often include hardware made of 14-karat gold, 18-karat pink gold or 18-karat white gold. The brand’s label is handcrafted by first-in-class German master jewelers.

BON SACH Alles in Rose

BON SACH Alles in Rose

Shop: BON SACH Alles in Rose

Cost: $5,300


Gift the lush in your life with an award-winning scotch with a blend dating back to the 1700s on Valentine’s Day. Usquaebach scotch is guaranteed to hit the spot if you’re looking for a refined and sophisticated taste. With a blend dating back to the 1700s and trademarked in 1877, Usquaebach is known as the grand whisky of the Scottish highlands.

Usquaebach 'Old-Rare' Superior Blended Scotch Whisky

Usquaebach ‘Old-Rare’ Superior Blended Scotch Whisky

Shop: Usquaebach ‘Old-Rare’ Superior Blended Scotch Whisky

Cost: $116


Romance and silk go hand-in-hand, so naturally Lunya’s washable silk sleepwear is a no-brainer when it comes to a Valentine’s Day gift for the woman in your life. Show off her silhouette in the Washable Silk Slip Dress that comes in Black or Cloud. This dress may be the most functional silk dress in creation as it features on-seam side pockets and double-layered fabric to prevent your nipples from giving a show. The Washable Silk Slip Dress is the perfect mix of comfort and sex appeal and looks even more stunning when you pair it with the Washable Silk Robe or Luxury Robe for a romantic look. There’s no need to fret about a nip slip, the dress has an adjustable T-back strap that gives you an one inch drop in the front and 5 inch drop in the back. There is nothing sexier than silk sleepwear for your special someone.

Washable Silk Slip Dress by Lunya

Washable Silk Slip Dress by Lunya

Shop: Washable Silk Slip Dress by Lunya

Cost: $198

Give your beloved the gift of luxury with cashmere accessories from Minnie Rose. This luxe brand makes pullovers, dresses and accessories using cashmere for the snob in your life. Keep her toes warm and pampered in a pair of Cashmere Pom Slippers with Satin Drawstring Bag that features fox fur and cashmere for Valentine’s Day night. Or, give her a gift that’ll keep her chic and warm with a Fur Collar Cardigan that’s light enough for Florida’s weather.

Minnie Rose Double Face Hooded Cardigan

Double Face Hooded Cardigan by Minnie Rose

Shop: Double Face Hooded Cardigan by Minnie Rose

Cost: $578


Does your significant other love to eat? Give the gift of food and luxury in the form of Delicacies Jewelry, a food-inspired jewelry brand that truly understands your tumultuous relationship with food. The adorable line that includes pendants such as lobster, octopus, crab and more lets you rep your favorite dish while dripping in 14-karat yellow gold and diamonds. Delicacies Jewelry carries necklaces, pendants, bracelets and charms so you can show off your food fixation to the world.

Delicacies Jewelry 14K Yellow Gold + Diamond Lobster Pendant

14K Yellow Gold + Diamond Lobster Pendant by Delicacies Jewelry

Shop: 14K Yellow Gold + Diamond Lobster Pendant by Delicacies Jewelry

Cost: $300

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