Debuting New Gary James McQueen Artworks and a Human Nature Hologram Powered by Holoconnects

West Chelsea is set for a standout appearance at Art Miami, returning for their third consecutive year to Booth AM203 from December 5th to 11th. The showcase will highlight a host of renowned artists, including Richard Hableton, Alex Katz, Blek Le Rat, Risk, and notably Gary James McQueen, who is the nephew of the late fashion icon Alexander McQueen and formerly held a significant role at the House of McQueen.

At this year’s Art Miami, Gary James McQueen is set to introduce an exciting new series of lenticular artworks. He’s also planning to reveal a distinctive 3D artwork that incorporates advanced holographic technology. This project, a collaboration with West Chelsea Contemporary and Holoconnects, aims to fuse traditional artistic methods with contemporary technological advances.

“Our collaboration with Gary McQueen and WCC Art rewrites the narrative of art and technology. Our innovative solutions breathe life into the canvas, where the strokes of creativity and holographic marvels merge to create a new era of artistic expression.” Andre Smith, Founder and CEO of Holoconnects.

In March 2024, Gary James McQueen is scheduled to curate a unique solo exhibition at West Chelsea Contemporary in Austin, Texas, coinciding with SXSW 2024. His upcoming collection, titled Human Nature,’ builds upon his earlier ‘Vanitas Skull’ series, emphasizing the interdependent relationship between humans and the natural world. The series is expected to showcase artwork where human veins are creatively depicted as vines, symbolizing the transient nature of life and our connection to the earth.

Additionally, McQueen is introducing ‘Talisman,’ a new series featuring exotic skulls in 3D lenticular format. Drawing inspiration from Tibetan culture, these skulls are seen as symbols of good fortune and spiritual guidance, a viewpoint contrasting with Western interpretations. Starting with five pieces – Kintsugi, Emerald, Gilded, Union Jack, and Diamond – the series reflects McQueen’s personal experiences with family issues and loss, exploring themes of romance and the macabre.

Finally, Gary James McQueen will display ‘Botanic Kingdom,’ a vibrant still life piece. This artwork aims to transport viewers into a dynamic botanical world, blending traditional still life themes with cutting-edge technology. It serves as McQueen’s commentary on the progression of art history and his unique position within it.

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