On December 30, 2023, American Rapper 50 Cent hosted a private dinner at Miami’s newest hotspot, Casa Matilda’s, featuring his award-winning Branson Cognac and Le Chemin du Roi Champagne. The event, presented by Barry Mullineaux and Phil The Mayor of Perk Marketing Group, was a standout occasion amidst the holiday festivities in Miami Beach.

The evening was characterized by its sophisticated and lively atmosphere. 50 Cent offered his guests a taste of luxury with selections from his acclaimed liquor brands, Branson Cognac and Le Chemin Du Roi champagne.

The gathering included notable figures such as Actor and TV Host Terrence J, Actor Cuba Gooding Jr., Member of the Florida House of Representatives Fabian Basabe, Entrepreneur Joey Morrissey, Tania Vujasin, Karima Bah, and Casa Matilda’s Owner Catya Joseph, among others. These distinguished individuals enjoyed the sumptuous offerings, contributing to the event’s exclusive and high-end atmosphere.

50 Cent warmly welcomed everyone with a toast during the evening, expressing his love for Miami and his excitement about the opening night at Casa Matilda’s, a new Mexican steakhouse in the south of Fifth in Miami Beach.

This dinner was more than just a social gathering; it served as a precursor to 50 Cent’s New Year’s Eve celebration plans at M2, blending festive excitement with the anticipation of the holiday season.