Ultra-luxurious skincare brand LA MER and Kelly Framel of the Glamourai hosted an elegant evening for Miami’s elite at the Pérez Art Museum On Wednesday, January 27, to celebrate La Mer’s brand heritage and release of their latest skincare innovation, The Lifting Eye Serum. Miami’s elite gathered for an evening of sea-inspired art exhibitions and a three-course dinner with a view of Biscayne Bay. A most magnificent permanent display of model boats floated near the ceiling of the entrance, adding to the mystical quality of the evening. The water itself seemed to rise up the steps, glittering in the attire of Miami’s skyline.

Daniela Botero2Guests included: Ines Rivero, Daniela Botero, La Mer Global Skincare Advisor Joanna Czech, Zachary Lynd, Dana Shear, Soledad Lowe, Criselda Breene, Carole Seikaly, Mari Grimalt Rascon, Norma Quintero, Linda Levy Goldberg, Adrienne Bon Haes, Marvin Ross Friedman, Sam Robin, Maria Berguiristain, Dr. Johnny Salomon, Raquel Watters, Brandi Reddick and Lauren Fitzpatrick.

It is important to note that La Mer’s opulent reputation is founded in a humble belief that it is the ocean herself that contains the power to heal and define beauty. The original product was developed nearly a century ago by Dr. Max Huber. After a burning himself in a lab experiment, 12 years and a thousand tests later, he discovered bio-fermentation which turned kelp, (the ocean’s own microcosm) into a remedy. The ingredients of today’s products keep to that mentality of venerating the source, and materials are harvested keeping in mind sustainability and the surrounding ecology.

The creams and serums boost nutrient-rich algae and rejuvenating kelp, the simplicity of which, continue to draw in devotees worldwide. It’s not the first time that skincare has been formed from natural resources, and the belief that there are healing remedies within nature is a fact rather than a myth. In fact people actively look for products with these features, as well as with medicinal and protective properties such as the variety of osmosis skincare products on the market these days. Anyway, it all has exceptional attention from users around the world, as will the newest addition to their line. Learn more about La Mer at www.cremedelamer.com

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