Raised in Queens, New York, BillieShotMe debuted her own brand of hip- hop on Hot97 and, yes, Billie is a she. This provocative Gen Z is breaking all the rules and loving it. Known as a trouble maker and popularized as social media sensation, the young talent exudes sex appeal and showcases outrageous antics that continue to go viral.

Check out her single ‘Lowkey’. The new anthem empowers women to be independent, and not to be perceived as an object for men to show off. The message of the song is reiterated in Statement billie made.  “I’ll never let a man use me as a prize or a trophy. I have my own goals, my own accomplishments. I don’t live for the acceptance of men and I don’t believe my supporters should either. Leave them on their own.”

BillieShotMe’s music has a district sound identified by her animated deliver of theatrical lyrics compounded with unpredictable variations that have become her own genre of mischief hybrid hip-hop. This leading beauty is comfortable being weird and brings a fresh perspective to an industry focused on fitting in. Keep your eyes on this femme fatale who commands a crowd with a unique, expressive take on individuality. BillieShotMe is unorthodox, unrestrained, and unapologetic.  You can find her on instagram @billieshotme  with over 120K followers.   This link gives fan’s access to the artist’s new single “Lowkey” on all platforms: http://hyperurl.co/StreamLowkey?IQid=instagram 

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