Bridging the Gap – Hip Hop Kreyol’s Town Hall Meeting


Hip Hop music is a global phenomenon that has infused itself into cultures worldwide. In the country of Haiti and in the United States of America, Hip Hop Kreyol or Kreyol Rap music is a form of self-expression for the younger Haitian generation.

The term Tète Kolé or Kolé Tète derives from a Kreyol expression that translates to “Heads Together”. “Putting their heads together” is the motivation that drove the Haitian Hip Hop Music Industry to have a meeting of the minds. Tète Kolé is a Q & A discussion panel event amongst music industry professionals that are Haitian and of Haitian descent. The objective is to discuss critical topics on what steps can be taken in order elevate Hip Hop Kreyol music.

Tète Kolé’s purpose is to bring specific key individuals together in the Haitian media, music executives, Hip Hop Kreyol artists and Deejay’s. It will be an open discussion on how support and opportunities can be made in the Hip Hop Kreyol industry.  The mission is to bridge the gap between the Haitian and American music and media industries.  Through key players and current resources, the purpose is to demonstrate the essential goals to create greater platforms to magnify the genre of Hip Hop Kreyol Music. Tète Kolé’s moderators will be Papa Jube and Joe Mignon.

On Point Entertainment & Marketing Inc and Fanm Ayisyen nan Miyami  invite Tète Kolé  – Hip Hop Kreyol’s Meeting Of The Minds at Little Haiti Caribbean Market Place, Miami, FL 33137 on May 20, 2016 from 2 PM – 6 PM . Culinary art will be presented by Chef The Rose.


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