The Desai Foundation celebrated Holi in Miami, orchestrating an unforgettable evening of unity, cultural heritage, and philanthropy on Friday, March 1, at the Sagamore Hotel. This event, a lively confluence of like-minded individuals, was dedicated to the noble cause of empowering women and children in rural India, marking a significant milestone in the foundation’s journey.

As the South Asian community in Miami came together, the event became a magnificent display of tradition blending, celebrating Holi, the revered Festival of Colors, Love, and Spring. Thanks to a creative setup by Kulture Khazana, participants could indulge in the festive throwing of colors without worrying about staining their clothes, allowing everyone to fully embrace and showcase their traditional attire.

Megha Desai, President of the Desai Foundation, took center stage to inspire the gathering with a speech that highlighted the foundation’s dedication to uplifting rural communities in India. Her words resonated with the attendees, reinforcing the foundation’s mission and the impactful work being carried out.

The celebration was elevated by an exceptional array of culinary and beverage options. An open bar filled with select liquors and wines from Naidu Wines complemented the sumptuous dinner prepared by Moksha Indian Brasserie. Adding to the night’s energy was DJ O Fresh, a featured a artist known for his innovative fusion mashups, who brought an electrifying energy from the heart of New York City to Miami.

“Holi in Miami” transformed into a kaleidoscope of dynamic colors, lively dances, and a profound sense of community, perfectly capturing the essence of Holi. The event was graced by notable figures, including Kalpna Patel from “Family Karma,” Richa Sadana, Niraj Mehta, Arti Lalwani from “Indian Matchmaking,”

Scott Clary, Founder & CEO of The Social Club, Sindhya Valloppillil, CEO of Skin Dossier, Karam Hinduja, CEO of Hinduja Bank, and Reza Zanjani, Co-Founder, President, and CEO of Mixfit Inc. Each guest added to the memorable aura of the night, making “Holi in Miami” a landmark celebration for The Desai Foundation.

About Desai Foundation:

The Desai Foundation is a public programmatic nonprofit organization that aims to empower women and children in rural India. With 25 years of dedicated service, the foundation operates in eight states and runs 30 programs focusing on health, livelihood, and menstrual equity.