The next most admired art exhibition of the year is taking place this year in New York Thursday, July 7, from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm at the G23NY Gallery featuring the prominent Argentinian-American artist Fernanda Lavera newest art show – Cheap Chat. The exhibit will be on view from July 7 to July 31. 

Lavera’s art installation will capture the attention of art lovers with its vibrant and hypnotic, unique colors that cover every centimeter of the surface with paint and images of symbols as her work engulfs the walls of G23NY Gallery, located at 34 Little West 12th Street. Her work, often compared to Jean-Michel Basquiat, has caught the eye of art-collector (and legendary music producer) Clive Davis and his partner Greg Schriefer. As a result, Clive Davis has become a dedicated collector of Lavera’s work. In addition, Greg Schriefer, Lavera’s agent and collector, has championed her work alongside Davis, hosting showings in Miami, New York City, Los Angeles, and the Hamptons. 

“Cheap Chat” is a series born from a reflection: in a world of conflict where peace is in danger. The artist seriously criticizes those people who talk about the war yet do nothing about it. “All talk, no action,” said Fernanda Lavera. They are compared with “The Duck and the Cat.” Cheap chat. Small Talk.

The event will draw in elevated art collectors and passionate art lovers uniformly alike for exclusive first access to the art exhibition. The event will include an open bar sponsored by Barcelo, Strega, and Whispering Angel. 

About Fernanda Lavera
María Fernanda Lavera (b.1975-), from Buenos Aires, Argentina, discovered her fascination for art and painting through the “Miss” that Lavera’s aunt was responsible for caregiving. The “Miss” was an artist that painted surrealist murals that spoke of angels and demons. She even showcased her paintbrushes and shared stories with Lavera.

At first glance, her paintings appear to be wall images, graffiti that draws attention to itself through its bluntness, hypnotic colors, and a unique style; a good street artist must stand apart from many others. However, covering every centimeter of the surface with color and the images of contemporary objects turned into reductions of themselves, becoming more symbols than objects.

The images appear to explode from the depths, releasing outlandish forms of intense colors that, in turn, generate contrasts of incredible expressiveness that seem to have been created by the artist’s unconscious sketches. This is when we glimpse the surreal world manifested by Lavera with an extreme passion, which informs the viewer – the spectator – of a specific state of inner turmoil. Symbols, objects, and everyday contours that approach the realm of Pop Art appear among the recognizable forms. Her diverse range of themes ranges from psychedelic cartoons juxtaposed with figures of rabid cats and race cars to the expression of visibly disturbing events. Watchful eyes and disproportionate and stooping witnesses seem to look on helplessly.

Lavera explains that she likes to let things happen intuitively, without a clear intent; she is fascinated by the effects of color, the play of light and shade that allow her to explore her moods freely. Painting is a visual conversation for her – a moment, a feeling, and, especially, an outlet that enables the possibility to express the mystery of life through a symbolic space of complete expressive freedom.


Instagram: @fernandalavera