HIT Studios and the Tomas Redrado Art gallery welcomed dozens of dazzling guests to an art gallery and NFT launching to benefit the Foundation Haitian Project, a nonprofit that provides free education to hundreds of students in Haiti.

The featured artist was the late Gerard Hippolyte, the celebrated 20th-century Haitian painter. Among the guests was Haitian EDM artist and producer Michael Brun, whose family has supported the Haitian Project for decades. Proceeds from the art and NFT will help the Haitian Project build its second school in the Diocese of Gonaives, Haiti.

“On behalf of the HIT organization, we are proud to partner with the Haitian Project and the Tomas Redrado Gallery for such a worthy cause. Most of NFT Sales will be donated to the Haitian project foundation to help create art and music programs for kids attending their schools, one of Haiti’s most successful education programs.” Said Hussein AbuHassan, HIT Holdings, Co-Founder & President.

HIT Studios will integrate their Services into an NFT Marketplace, where owner buyers will keep control at 51% of the art. The owner will receive its share of the NFT profit sharing. The other 49% of NFT will partly be donated to the foundation to continue helping feed the program. “Said Alex Lemberg, HIT Holdings CEO.

About The Foundation: The Haitian Project is a nonprofit organization that supports and oversees one of Haiti’s very best secondary education programs, focused on forming Haiti’s future servant-leaders so that the country may realize a brighter future built for Haitians themselves. Ninety percent of their alumni are in universities or professional careers in Haiti.

“A Real Solution to Poverty In Haiti ” ~ Haitian Project

HIT Holdings Inc is a Miami- Florida-based corporation focused on new technologies and high innovation. We selectively onboard museum-grade assets that have the potential to appreciate over time by expanding your access to a larger community of collectors. HIT Provides blue-chip grade access for such assets to have liquidity and real-time participation. For more information visit : https://hitinc.io/. www.haitianproject.org

Exhibit Hosted by: Gina Wright, Joel Russeau, Sheila Ruschel, Gilbert Hippolyte. Music by: Jkali

Photo Gallery

About the Artist :

Gerard Hippolyte was born in 1933, died 1996. Hipolit, as he was known in the visual-arts space, was a passionate and productive Haitian painter. A humble man, Hipolit was always less focused on entertaining the fluctuations of any art scene and much more devoted to his creative output. He participated in over 25 exhibits during the course of his life, including 10 solo shows with features in burgeoning art cities such as NY, Washington DC, Quebec and Bogota. Rooted in a family of creative entrepreneurs, Hipolit was encouraged to embrace art and music at a very young age. He used his time as a university student in Columbia and later in Paris to complete his degrees and to interact as much as he could with busy art studios in these areas. An architect by trade, Hipolit’s passion for subtle symmetry and balance often took the shape of urban architectural elements with a masterful balance between penumbra and light. Hipolit is a pioneer of Contemporary Haitian Art. His love for the abstract genre, the harmonious interplay between cold and warm hues reveal the quiet freedom he found in his work at a time where not too many adventured beyond the pictorial. His family is happy to donate this piece for our auction tonight. It was painted in 1991, just a few short years before the artist’s passing.