The Aston Martin Residences Art Gallery has unveiled a groundbreaking partnership with Save The Chimps, launching their involvement in the Residences’ Virtual Art Gallery series. This collaboration marks the first time a non-profit organization has joined forces with the esteemed Miami luxury living space.

Entitled “Interspecies,” Save The Chimps‘ exhibition is now accessible for a 45-day showcase. It offers a 3D immersive experience that mirrors the forthcoming physical art gallery on the 52nd floor of the residences, available for viewing at their virtual tour website. ://

Save The Chimps, situated in Fort Pierce, Florida, operates one of the world’s largest chimpanzee sanctuaries. It aims to provide a sanctuary and exceptional care for chimpanzees previously involved in research, the pet trade, and entertainment sectors, ensuring they receive lifelong care.

The exhibit features a special collaboration with The B-52s band members—Kate Pierson, Fred Schneider, and Cindy Wilson—who, alongside the sanctuary’s chimpanzee artists, have created a series of acrylic paintings. Drawing inspiration from the band’s vibrant album covers, the artworks incorporate base canvases painted by the musicians, with the chimpanzees adding their unique touches. Each artwork is named after a B-52s song or lyric and signed by the band members, with all proceeds supporting Save The Chimps.

Also included in the exhibition are contributions from artist Karen Bystedt, who provided original prints from her ‘Lost Warhols‘ collection for the chimpanzees to add their artistic flair, reminiscent of Warhol’s celebrity portraits.

Completing the collection are five paintings that feature chrome backgrounds with vivid brushstrokes applied by the chimpanzee artists, each named after a classic Aston Martin car model.

“We’re delighted to present the next virtual art exhibition for Aston Martin Residences,” says Dan Mathews, Director of Events at Save The Chimps. “It’s been an historic year for our artistic chimps at the sanctuary, with popular exhibits in partnership with The B-52s shown at renowned fairs across the country, including Spectrum Miami most recently in December. We’re thrilled to be chosen for this alliance with such a prestigious brand. The new virtual exhibit will be in conjunction with our next art fair exhibition at this year’s Artexpo New York in April, where we’ll be unveiling our next celebrity artist collaboration.”

Additionally, Save The Chimps has contributed an original piece to the Aston Martin Residences’ permanent collection. This work, inspired by the residence’s unique architecture and tropical setting, features brushstrokes by some of the sanctuary’s most talented chimpanzee artists, making it a truly collaborative interspecies masterpiece.

The “Interspecies” exhibit by Save The Chimps is now live and can be experienced through the Aston Martin Residences’ immersive 3D virtual gallery at: