The recently concluded Miami’s Art Week 2023 witnessed a revolutionary blend of art and technology through the lens of Colombian contemporary artist Juliana Plexxo. Her exhibition, “Juliana Plexxo X Studio 46 Barcelona – A Contemporary Art Exhibition,” held at the National Hotel, marked a significant milestone in the integration of Augmented Reality (AR) with traditional art forms.

Plexxo’s signature abstract cubism was the focal point of her showcase, elevated by the use of AR. The inclusion of QR codes alongside each artwork transformed the viewer’s experience, enabling them to interact with the art through their smartphones. This innovative approach transcended traditional boundaries, bringing a dynamic dimension to her static creations.

The 10-day affair, from December 1-10, 2023, at the National Hotel Miami Beach, was a multifaceted celebration of art and technology. It featured five unique pop-up events, each highlighting a different facet of the art-technology intersection, coupled with exclusive networking sessions, a private gala, live performances, and a chance for personal engagement with Plexxo.

Plexxo’s works, deeply rooted in her cultural heritage, showcased her commitment to creating unique art pieces. As a prominent figure for Latin women in the art scene, Plexxo’s affiliation with Studio 46 Barcelona is notable. She expressed her mission, saying, “As a female artist, I am dedicated to breaking down barriers and shattering stereotypes to empower women in the art world. Through my work, I aim to challenge the status quo and create a more inclusive and diverse space for all artists to thrive.”

The event at Studio 46 Barcelona, which has been a platform for legendary artists like Joan Miro and Salvador Dalí, added another feather to its cap with Plexxo’s participation. Her collection, “Rhythm,” presented at the exhibition, was a testament to her dedication to merging traditional and contemporary art forms.

Recognized for her unique talent, Plexxo has received accolades such as a nomination for the “Best Young Talent” award by the University of Berkeley and a spot in Forbes’ 2022 list of the 50 most creative people. Her exhibition in Miami was a showcase of her innovative blend of traditional engraving techniques and AR technology. Plexxo emphasized the importance of traditional art in the digital age, stating:

“In a world dominated by digital technology, it’s more important than ever to preserve traditional artistic techniques. As an artist dedicated to the craft of engraving, I am committed to reviving this fading art form and showcasing its beauty and intricacy to a new generation of art lovers.”

Juliana Plexxo’s exhibition at Miami’s Art Week 2023 was a remarkable event, showcasing the harmonious blending of traditional artistry with modern technological advancements. Her exhibition not only displayed unique art pieces but also set a precedent in the art world for challenging norms and fostering inclusivity and diversity. Plexxo’s work remains a source of inspiration, particularly for women artists, encouraging innovation and a bold approach to art in the digital era.

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