From the “United States of America’s Gilded Age” – Requested attire

Kardashian Kim wore Marilyn Monroe’s Swarovski encrusted linen Happy Birthday Mr. President  dress borrowed from “Ripley’s Believe it or not” in Orlando, Florida and valued at over $10 million.  She had to loose seventeen pounds to fit into it.  After the gala she and Pete Davidson held a pizza 🍕 and 🍩 donut eating party…

Things we’re kept light and Blake Lively, Splendiferous was Versace, from Cole Sprouse in shining silver chain mail faux bondage wear to the gossip girl alumnus’s flowing painted silks tributing the monuments of NYC.

Meanwhile Gigi Hadid in hot ruby wore a buxom coat which looked as if it were the red carpet itself upon the Met’a steps leveled and flowing out into the third and fourth dimensions.  It was at all the House of Versace and to top it off Donatella’s birthday,  The ever facially morphing glowing one, herself strutted her stuff next to Cardi B also in a gilded gown for gildings sake..  And now bring on Ari Gold from Entourage. 

As we already know by very willful choice, too thin was the former half of Kimye Kim. Then after one finally got a look so to too heavy was/is Lizzo who has gone from effecting a body positivity image to a seemingly unhealthy heavy in a very serious way carrying a great abundance of extra weight and seemingly finding it hard to move and breathe comfortably.   And with Lili Reinhardt protesting on her Instagram stories function over Kim Kardashian starving herself for the met gala and Lizzo’s supposed body positivity yet very unhealthy physique and not wanting to spur controversy, I seek to start a new collective movement called “body neutrality. Therein not necessarily making comment on suffering and in not doing so then doing so as well as just doing so.

During the entry festivities Nicki Minaj and Cara Delevigne were letting it all hang out, the latter on purpose and the former supposedly accidentally.

Nascent New York City Mayor Eric Adams borrowed from last year’s walking of the Met steps by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a dress the rear of which was plastered with the statement “tax the rich” .  So walking in AOC’s sartorial footsteps he donned a brocaded tuxedo jacket its back covered in a painting by N.Y.C.-based Nigerian artist Láolú Senbanjo  stating “End gun violence”