Fashion Group International  (FGI) South Florida is thrilled to unveil the inaugural Rising Star Awards, shining a spotlight on the region’s most innovative fashion talents. This glamorous evening unfolds on Saturday, September 30, 2023, from 7:00 to 9:30 p.m. EST at the in downtown Miami, 200 S Biscayne Blvd.

Within Miami’s modern backdrop, FGI South Florida gears up to honor the industry’s budding talents. This prestigious event will feature a cavalcade of emerging designers, with finalists excelling in categories such as Accessories, Innovation, Members Choice Awards, Ready to Wear, and Swimwear.

A highlight of the ceremony will be a salute to the fashion maestro and beauty entrepreneur, Derek Warburton. Bestowed with the first-ever Icon Award, Warburton’s accolades as a globally recognized beauty icon, celebrity stylist, TV persona, philanthropist, and creative visionary, speak volumes of his three-decade-long influence in fashion and beauty. Reflecting on the honor, he remarked, “The FGI South Florida Icon Award at the Rising Star Awards resonates deeply. Miami marked the onset of my journey; returning and aligning with an organization propelling upcoming designers is truly rewarding. Such budding artists warrant guidance, and I’m thrilled to endorse a platform that champions nascent talent.”

Tracing back to 1928, FGI’s inception was the vision of 17 trailblazing women, spearheaded by the iconic Edna Woolman Chase, Vogue’s Editor-In-Chief of the era. Today, FGI’s footprint extends to hubs like Toronto, Houston, and, of course, South Florida. Anchoring FGI’s ethos is a passion for fostering a lively nexus of veteran and budding fashion aficionados, amplifying opportunities in the realms of fashion and beauty.

Sandra Madjdi, FGI South Florida’s Director, voiced her anticipation for the Rising Star Awards, noting, “Launching the Rising Star Awards in South Florida fills our FGI team with immense pride. Originating from our illustrious foundation in New York City, laid down by Vogue’s editorial vanguard, we’re poised to spotlight South Florida’s prodigious talents, bolstering innovation and fostering synergy in the fashion industry.”

Tickets for this exclusive fashion event are up for grabs on Eventbrite until September 29th. Secure your spot and be part of this monumental occasion by visiting here. Don’t miss out on this celebration of fashion brilliance!


Established in 1928, Fashion Group International (FGI) has evolved into a global non-profit consortium of of experts from the fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and retail arenas. Anchored in New York City, its global hub, FGI’s South Florida chapter proudly calls Miami home and boasts a robust membership of over 1,000 professionals. For an insider’s peek into their endeavors, follow the chapter on Instagram: fgisouthflorida.


Derek Michael Warburton, also known as “Derek Fabulous,” stands as an American media entrepreneur and a renowned celebrity fashion stylist. With an education that began at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, Warburton has built an influencer in the fashion and beauty industries on an international basis and is a renowned media and beauty entrepreneur, celebrity stylist, TV personality, philanthropist, creative director, and, most importantly, a storyteller. His humble beginnings led to his obsessive need to educate himself in the art of reinvention and to create a narrative. With an affinity for all things fashion and lifestyle, Derek wanted to create a brand that showed off his 25 years in the creative industry. Mr. Warburton’s worldwide view of culture and fashion, accompanied by years of working with top celebrities, has assisted his vision for a new eye of publishing in the modern digital age. Just last year, Derek released his second collaborative effort with FACE Stockholm, the Boundless Collection. Like all of Derek’s work, the beauty collection encapsulated Derek’s vibrant and expressive style.